Sanders Doubles Down On 12 Year Doomsday Clock As AOC Backs Off

Sanders Doubles Down On 12 Year Doomsday Clock As AOC Backs Off

On Sunday during a campaign event, Senator and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doubled down on the 12 year “doomsday clock” announcing that the United States has to “aggressively” confront climate change or else “disastrous results” will come in the future.

“Today on an issue that is not only of vital importance to our country, but to the world – we say to Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry that climate change is not a hoax, that climate change is one of the great threats to this country and the planet, that climate change is caused by human behavior and that the scientists tell us that we have all of 12 years to aggressively go forward and transform our energy system, unless – we are going to see disastrous results and damage to this country and the world. Irreparable damage is the term they use,” Sanders said.

Now it seems to me that we have a moral responsibility to leave this planet in a healthy and habitable way for our kids and future generations,” he continued. “And that is why we day to Donald Trump and the greed of the fossil fuel industry that your short-term profits, and they make billions and billions every single year – their short-term profits are not more important than the future health of our planet. That is why we will transform our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energies.”

Sanders promised the crowd that if elected, he would lead the world in cooperating with his plans to confront climate change. It is very interesting that Sanders believes he can get countries like China to join him on combating climate change.

It would be my pride as president to help the United States to help lead the world in transforming our global energy system,” Sanders concluded. “Think about a world in which instead of spending a trillion dollars globally each year on weapons of destruction – think about a world in which the countries came together and instead of figuring out how to kill each other, came together to work to figure out how to combat climate change. Wouldn’t that be something – that Russia, China and India, and other countries and the United States worked together to save the planet for our kids.”

Sanders is currently 2nd behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the very large field of Democratic Presidential candidates. Although he is in second place, his poll numbers have dropped significantly since Biden announced his run for president.

According to the Daily Wire, “Sanders, who had been hovering around 23% in Real Clear Politics’ (RCP) poll average, plunged to about 15% when former Vice President Joe Biden entered the race. The latest Fox News poll put Biden at 35% (up from 31% in March) and Sanders in a distant second, with 17% (down from 23%).”

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