Sad Conspiracy Monger Tom Arnold BEGS Hannity To Have Him As Guest

Sad Conspiracy Monger Tom Arnold BEGS Hannity To Have Him As Guest

Things aren’t going well for B-list Tom Arnold these days as personal woes continue to pile up for the Trump-hating conspiracy theorist.

The man most famous for being Rosanne Barr’s ex-husband is on his way back to divorce court as his current spouse got sick of his obsession with President Trump and the sleazy pee tape myth that the amateur sleuth Arnold has vowed to find.

However, the pee tape as made famous by disgraced and dirty FBI director James Comey’s effort to blackmail Trump doesn’t exist anywhere except within the perverted warped minds of Arnold and his fellow celebrity sickos.

Not only is Arnold getting divorced again but his meal ticket Michael Cohen is locked away in a country club prison in New York for the next several years leaving the man who played the role of Stanley Stupid in the award-winning (NOT) classic film The Stupids in desperate straights as he struggles to remain relevant which he is going to need to do to pay alimony and child support or also risk going to jail.

Last month, celebrity gossip website The Blast reported:

Tom Arnold‘s estranged wife is laying out why her marriage ended with the actor, and she’s claiming his ongoing drug addiction mixed with a fixation on President Donald Trump was a recipe for disaster.

Ashley Groussman Arnold just filed documents, obtained by The Blast, in her ongoing divorce with Tom, asking for the court to establish child custody and support, as well as spousal support for herself.

Ashley is asking for $6,783 per month for their two children, Jax and Quinn, as well as $9,036 per month in spousal support. She’s basing those numbers off Tom’s reported 2017 income of $604,680.

Ashley says Tom’s behavior in the months leading up to their separation last year had been “increasingly erratic.” She says that after the split, Tom agreed to move out of the family home when it was listed for sale in December, but he has not yet left.

Now that his credibility is in tatters (he had little to begin with) and Cohen is gone, crazy Tom is desperate for attention and in a tweet last week, BEGGED Fox’s Sean Hannity to invite him on to discuss the pee tape that is at the center of his madness.

Hannity has not taken him up on his offer and his Twitter feed (which features the pee tape) has been quiet as he deals with the dumpster fire that his life has become thanks to his late-stage case of terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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Arnold recently committed career suicide with an obscenity-saturated rant that was captured on video and went viral.

Not only did the sad sack actor unleash a torrent of homophobic slurs and vulgarity but he also admitted that he would endorse an actual Nazi which isn’t going to get him invited on many of those cable shows that booked him when he was allied with the cheese-eating rat former attorney of the president let alone endear him to Jewish studio bosses in Hollywood.

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