SAD: Bitter Trump Hating Women’s Soccer Star Makes World Cup All About Her

SAD: Bitter Trump Hating Women’s Soccer Star Makes World Cup All About Her

In what has become a silly spectacle that will tarnish the World Cup if the USA women’s soccer team wins on Sunday, bitter Trump hating co-captain Megan Rapinoe who has made what should be a unifying event for the nation into a showcase for her own narcissism and anger.

The 34-year-old star has been taking a knee in solidarity with ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick ever since the cop-hating militant decided to disrespect the flag by kneeling during the national anthem, a stand that earned him the worship of America haters everywhere.

It was Rapinoe’s refusal to stand for the Star Spangled Banner during the World Cup games in France that caused Trump to comment that her snit was inappropriate considering that she was representing the nation abroad in a contest with a global audience. The implication being that she should have set aside her grievances instead of acting out like the proverbial ugly American.

This quickly triggered the perpetually angry lesbian activist who in a shocking display of poor taste for someone who is looked up to as a role model, said that she isn’t going to the “f*cking” White House if the team did go to win the world title – WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE.

She continued her sniping at the leader of the free world which may endear her to the haters on “woke” Twitter but only diminishes her and steals away the attention from her teammates who are little more than props in this ongoing psychodrama.

Even as Team USA is on the brink of an unprecedented achievement if they are able to defeat the Netherlands tomorrow, Rapinoe continues to be a distraction with her profanity-riddled rants against the president who she despises and now, Rapinoe is bitching about the television coverage of the possibly historic final.

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe called it “ridiculous and disappointing” that two men’s soccer tournaments were scheduled on the same day as the women’s World Cup championship.

“It’s ridiculous, and disappointing, to be honest,” Rapinoe said of the scheduling move, according to CBS News.

One of those who have dared to risk the wrath of the savages who comprise the Twitter mob is former Washington Post and syndicated columnist Marc Thiessen who took a flamethrower to Rapinoe in a column published by the New York Post:

She says she is taking a stand against President Trump. But she started protesting the anthem in solidarity with Kaepernick in September 2016, before Trump was elected, when she played for the Seattle Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Rapinoe is an amazing athlete. Her heroics in the quarterfinal against France were a wonder to watch. She has every right to express displeasure with the administration. Many Americans have legitimate grievances with Trump.

But Rapinoe isn’t playing for the Trump administration; she is playing for the United States. It’s one thing for a professional athlete to protest the national anthem, but quite another for a member of Team USA to do it. Rapinoe is protesting the Stars and Stripes while wearing the Stars and Stripes.

That isn’t OK. Representing your country is a privilege, not a right. If she really feels she can’t show respect for the US flag and anthem, then she shouldn’t wear the US jersey, either.

Here is the worst part. What she is doing is selfish. Her protest comes at a time when the US women’s team has taken an important stand against gender discrimination.

They are suing the US Soccer Federation because, despite being more successful on the field than the men’s team, and bringing in more revenue, they are paid significantly less than the men. They have a point, and the World Cup is a chance to rally the country behind their cause.

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Sadly, whatever her intentions may be, Rapinoe is inadvertently hurting the larger cause of LGBT rights because whether she acknowledges or not, her pettiness and refusal to put the country above herself turns people off and because she represents herself as speaking for all gay people, they are unfortunately dragged into her silly personal war on Trump.

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