REVEALING: Bernie Stumbles, Literally Can’t Name One Thing He’s Passed To Help People [VIDEO]

REVEALING: Bernie Stumbles, Literally Can’t Name One Thing He’s Passed To Help People [VIDEO]

Sen. Bernie Sanders stumbled on Monday and literally could not name one thing he’s passed that has helped people.

On Monday, the socialist 2020 presidential candidate sat down with Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club show where he was asked a wide variety of questions that focused specifically on the black community.

The senator spoke about economic policy for all, but specifically focusing on the African-American agenda.

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He also talked about prison reform and working on reparations for descendants of African slaves.

Sanders failed to mention that President Trump has lowered the African-American unemployment rate to record lows and also failed to mention the prison reform packages that President Trump has pushed through.
For people who claim to care so much about the African-American population, it’s interesting how Charlamagne and Bernie decided to slam Trump instead of congratulating him for all of his accomplishments with the black community.

Bernie also took the opportunity to slam Trump by blaming his cabinet of being white and old:

Speaking on the future, Bernie promises a more “diverse” campaign moving forward, addressing criticisms that his former campaign was “too white” and “too male.” He also uses the platform to issue his first campaign promise. “When you look at Trump’s cabinet,” begins Senator Sanders, “looks kind of white and kind of old. Our cabinet will look like America. In terms of women and men and racial diversity.”

Kind of white and kind of old? Did Bernie just describe himself?

It’s also ironic how Bernie failed to mention that President Trump has hired more women in his professional and presidential career than any other president in American history.

At one point, Charlamagne turned to Bernie and asked him to discuss what he has done in terms of civil rights especially for the black community.

After rambling about nothing for about 30 seconds, Charlamagne asked him to give an example of legislation that he has passed that has helps people. He couldn’t come up with an answer.

Bernie: “So I think I have a long history, uhh, in civil rights activism. In 1988 I was one of the few white public officials who supported Jesse Jackson uhh for President of the United States and he ended up winning Vermont. Uhh, I think if you look at my, uhh, record in terms of civil rights uhhh and other areas you will find that it is, uhh, consistently a very very strong.”

Charlamagne: “Any legislation you can point to?”

Bernie: “Well, legislation that uhhh benefits African Americans yeah.. we passed uh, but not specifically you know we passed legislation that benefits working people, sure.”

Bernie has been in public office for decades and he couldn’t give any examples of things that he has done that proves he is an advocate for civil rights.

For someone who claims to be for the people, don’t you think it’s pretty weird that he can’t think of any legislation he has passed that actually helps people?

It’s not surprising considering he is a socialist!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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