Republicans Advance New Rule Change That Would Give Trump Victories For Years To Come

Republicans Advance New Rule Change That Would Give Trump Victories For Years To Come

HELL YES: Republicans Advance New Rule Change That Would Give Trump Victories For Years To Come

President Donald Trump took office just over two years ago, and many of his judicial nominees are still waiting to get confirmed in the Senate.

But all of that could change soon given Republicans have advanced a new rule that would give the president victories for years to come.


According to The Hill, the new measure would make it much easier for the Senate to confirm Trump’s judicial nominees.

Earlier this week, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee voted 10-9 to pass a resolution that would substantially reduce the amount of debate time needed for hundreds of nominations.

Democrats have been slow-walking Trump’s nominations by calling for “debates,” which allowed them to postpone and delay putting each nominee to a vote to fill court vacancies across the country.

Currently, nominees are subjected to up to 30 hours of additional debate after proving they have the simple majority needed to defeat a filibuster and ultimately be confirmed. But the Blunt-Lankford resolution would significantly reduce that from 30 hours to as little as two hours for hundreds of Trump’s executive nominations and all district court judges.

Most Cabinet-level positions are exempted under the proposed rules change and would still be subjected to up to 30 hours of post-cloture debate. The Senate is expected to vote on William Barr’s attorney general nomination as soon as Wednesday.

Supreme Court justices and influential circuit court picks would also still face an additional 30 hours of debate under the resolution, as well as nominations for roughly a dozen boards and commissions, including the Federal Elections Commission and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.


Republicans previously discussed changing the rules during the previous Congress. But their one-seat majority left them no room for error if they were going to go “nuclear,” and the proposal got push back from some moderate senators.

Republicans now have a three-seat majority. And GOP senators, previously opposed to the rules change, are now not ruling it out.

Former President Barack Obama’s administration failed to fill many court vacancies across the country, likely because they thought Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election and take care of it when she got in office.

But given she was handily defeated, Trump has a historic opportunity to pack the courts with judges who believe in interpreting the rule of law as it was written rather than based on politics.

This, of course, has angered and frustrated Democrats who do not want conservatives serving on important courts and making critical rulings.

Democrats have been using these delay tactics since Trump took office, but Senate Republicans appear poised to pass this new measure, which would make it much easier to confirm hundreds of judges.

Judges at the federal level serve lifetime appointments, meaning this would certainly give the president many victories for years to come.


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