Reporter Who Was BRUTALLY Assaulted By Antifa Suffers Serious Injury, Also Doused In Cement (Details)

Reporter Who Was BRUTALLY Assaulted By Antifa Suffers Serious Injury, Also Doused In Cement (Details)

Andy Ngo has been threatened by fascist group Antifa in the past.

This weekend, the radicals decided to act on their threats by brutally beating the reporter and stealing his camera equipment. They even threw “milkshakes” filled with quick-dry cement.

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It is now being learned that Ngo’s injuries are more serious than initially thought. We’re talking brain bleeding.

At least three people were arrested and several others were reported injured, as members of Antifa and other leftist groups clashed with members of the Proud Boys and other conservatives around downtown Portland, Ore., on Saturday, police said.


Those arrested were identified as Gage Halupowski, 23, who was charged with multiple counts of assault, including on a public safety officer; James K. Stocks, 21, who was charged with harassment; and Maria C. Dehart, 23, who was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

“During today’s events, there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers,” the police said in a statement. “There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd. Officers deployed pepper spray during the incident. There were reports of individuals throwing ‘milkshakes’ with a substance mixed in that was similar to a quick-drying cement. One subject was arrested for throwing a substance during the incident.”

Portland Fire Medics were embedded with the Portland Police Bureau members and treated eight people, including three police officers during the even, the Oregonian reported.

Americans haven’t heard much from “antifa” recently. That’s likely to change once the 2020 election gets underway, though.

The unknowingly fascist “anti-fascist” group held a “Halloween party” outside the home of Fox News host, Tucker Carlson.

Here’s a picture of the “invite”…

Imagine if Tucker worked for CNN. There would be national outrage – maybe.

Who knows? More likely than not the only way Tucker would get any attention for this would be if he was a full-on liberal.

That’s just life in 2019. If you’re not a liberal, you kind of don’t matter.

Radicals also protested outside Carlson’s home last October.

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