REPORT: Now That Mueller Investigation Is Over, Most Americans Believe It Was Politically Motivated

REPORT: Now That Mueller Investigation Is Over, Most Americans Believe It Was Politically Motivated

Last Sunday, Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s findings in relation to the Russian collusion investigation which clearly stated that the Trump campaign in no way colluded with Russia.

Recent polls that were conducted show that the majority of Americans believe that the Mueller investigation was politically motivated.

A majority of Americans now believe that the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election was “politically motivated,” a sharp increase from when the poll was last conducted in January – before the investigation was completed.

The news comes from a recent CBS News poll, conducted between March 25 and March 26, which found 54% of respondents believe the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was “politically motivated,” compared to 37% who believe it was “justified.”

The poll was previously conducted in January and, at that time, found 50% of respondents believed the investigation was “justified” and 45% said it was “politically motivated.”

While this appears to be the biggest nugget of information from the poll, it was not the hook CBS used to report on its own poll. In fact, it was the last point mentioned in the media outlet’s report on the poll, and while every other point in the article received its own tweet, the information about whether the probe was justified or politically motivated did not.Mueller report: Majorities across party lines want full report released, CBS News poll says,” was the headline the outlet used. Four people have a byline on the story, which includes a paragraph or two about five different findings in the poll. The fact that the outlet ran with how many people want the report released – shows how they wanted to bury the findings of political motivation. There was never a question about whether the Mueller report would be released. The White House never objected to it and neither did Attorney General William Barr, who said this week the report would be released “sometime in April, probably.” True, he said that when the poll was being conducted, but at no time did anyone except left-wing media outlets suggest the report would not be released.

The same poll also noted that 34% of the people who responded to the poll feel that the report “clears” President Trump which compares to the 23% who feel that the report did not clear the President.

Some other important numbers to mention are that an astonishing 66% of Democrat voters want more investigations into the President even though the Mueller report clearly stated that President Trump did not collude with Russia. Radical Democrat Adam Pencil-Neck Schiff has already started his own investigations into the President so the 66% of Democrats will have nothing to worry about.

Another interesting poll number, was that 50% of Democrats were “disappointed” in Mueller’s report because the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. Just let that sink in for a moment… These Democrats are so deranged that they are upset that President Trump did not collude with a foreign government to become president. Crazy!

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