REPORT: Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Transferred On Eve Of His Death

REPORT: Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Transferred On Eve Of His Death

The anomalies continue to pile up on the suspicious ‘suicide’ of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning.

Epstein had been in custody at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan where he was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges that imperiled a cadre of global elite figures who he had provided young girls to for them to fulfill their most degenerate fantasies.

From the minute that Epstein was unexpectedly arrested last month, many had predicted that he would never live to have his day in court and those predictions came true even as the media scrambled to denounce any questions as conspiracy theories.

But there were far too many convenient coincidences that took place in order for the man who could have cut a deal to name names of the powerful who he had blackmail material on to simply dismiss as conspiracies. But this is what the media claims such legitimate questions are even though they have a serious double standard when it comes to such things.One more curious detail is that Epstein’s cellmate was suddenly – and suspiciously – moved on the day prior to his demise.

Officers should have been checking on Epstein, who was being held in a special housing unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, every 30 minutes, and, under normal circumstances, he also should have had a cellmate, according to the person familiar with the matter and union officials representing facility employees.

But a person who had been assigned to share a cell with Epstein was transferred on Friday, and — for reasons that investigators are still exploring — he did not receive a new cellmate, the person familiar with the matter said Sunday night. That left Epstein, who had previously been placed on suicide watch, alone and unmonitored — at least in the hours before his death — by even those officers assigned to guard him. [emphasis added]

Not to mention that Epstein who tried to kill himself weeks ago was inexplicably taken off of suicide watch, the guards for some unknown reason failed to follow their routine to check in on him on the fateful night and the cameras mysteriously failed to capture any video of either the ‘suicide’ or unusual activity.

It isn’t exactly tinfoil hat territory to wonder how the nation’s most high-profile prisoner who had the goods on elite pedophiles reportedly including U.S. political and media figures and who was the key for unveiling a sinister sexual blackmail operation could possibly be found dead in a federal facility.

It also doesn’t say much when the feds can’t protect such an important figure but it does speak volumes as to how an uber-wealthy elite and rotten to the core institutions of the federal government has all but officially turned America into a lawless gangster state.

Federal agents swarmed Epstein’s private Caribbean island compound after his death; a place that the locals had for years referred to as “orgy island” and “pedophile” island as Epstein brought in the underage playthings for his influential visitors that included Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

That would be the same FBI that has never managed to crack the case on the 2017 Las Vegas massacre when a gunman with a murky past opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers as well as the agency that was complicit in a coup against the duly elected President Of The United States.

So for now – and probably forever – Epstein’s death will always remain a mystery and in a couple of days, it will disappear from the news altogether.

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