Real News CNN? Jake Tapper Questions If Trump Is Getting The Credit He Deserves For The Booming Economy

Real News CNN? Jake Tapper Questions If Trump Is Getting The Credit He Deserves For The Booming Economy

On Friday, CNN host Jake Tapper asked a panel on his show if President Trump was receiving enough credit for America’s booming economy.
In the month of April, the United States saw an increase in 263,000 jobs as well as a drop in the unemployment rate which reached an astonishing 3.6 percent.

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Check out what NBC News reported in relation to the booming economy:

WASHINGTON — There’s really only one word — “boom!” — to describe the economic picture surrounding President Donald Trump 18 months away from the 2020 election.

On Friday, the Labor Department announced that the economy added 263,000 jobs and hourly wages grew by two-tenths of a percent in April. The unemployment rate — 3.6 percent — is at its lowest level since December 1969, before the births of nine of the Democrats running for his job.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index of top stocks has been hovering near its record high in recent days, gross domestic product rose by 3.2 percent in the first quarter, and while some Democratic candidates are making the case that income inequality means that most Americans aren’t feeling real benefits from the big numbers, that message is competing both with the broader figures and other topics.

The economy is doing so well under President Trump that even CNN is asking if the President deserves more credit.

“Does the president get enough credit for the economy? It really is doing astoundingly well,” Tapper asked the panel on his show.

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A reporter for the Washington Post, Seung Min Kim answered, “Exactly. And the economy is by far his best case for re-election. And if he’s not getting the sufficient credit for the economy, it’s a lot of it because he steps on his own message. I mean, again, with these BAFO economic news, you would be expecting the president to talk about it every day, just hammering that home in different messaging campaigns, but a lot of times he likes to focus on other things and he sometimes has a tendency to step on his own message.”


Pretty astonishing that the Left is now admitting that President Trump does deserve credit for America’s amazing economy.

Tapper then followed up, “We were going to lead with the economy on the show, it was going to be the first block. We were going to sing the numbers that we just sang, and then President Trump decided to talk to Vladimir Putin and talk about how Russia hoax and all of that.”

“Today’s a perfect example of that. White House aides were blanketing TV all day today, scheduled to talk about economic numbers they knew were coming out today, because they always come out on the first Friday of the month,” CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip said. “Instead, halfway through the day, this, with Trump and Putin yet again throwing everything off of message.”

Of course, CNN just had to divert attention at the last minute to RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. What else would you expect?

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