Pulitzer Prize Winner Says Trump ‘Broke The Brains’ Of ‘Lot Of People’

Pulitzer Prize Winner Says Trump ‘Broke The Brains’ Of ‘Lot Of People’

Now that the Russian collusion delusion has been debunked by special counsel Robert Mueller following a costly witch hunt of the nature that is commonly found in police states, the dead-enders aren’t simply going to give up the ghost.

Instead of doing the appropriate thing and apologizing to America for over two years of lies and conspiracy theories, the Democrats and their winged monkeys in the media have tripled-down as the once-saintly Mueller’s work has been dismissed because it didn’t result in Trump and his family being marched off in handcuffs.

Democrats led by unhinged octogenarian Maxine Waters, shifty Adam Schiff and “Fat Jerry” Nadler will be abusing their power as House committee chairs to launch another wave of tribunals that will result in a blizzard of subpoenas to many of those who were unjustly persecuted by Mueller.

Vengeful? Crazy? Fascistic?

Maybe the Dems are just broken and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Or in the words of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, Trump has “broke the brains” of a “lot” of people.

Greenwald gained international acclaim for his reportage on the Deep State mass surveillance/spying programs that were revealed by former NSA contractor turned whistle-blower Edward Snowden and has called B.S. on the Trump-Russia hoax from day one.

He appeared with Fox’s Tucker Carlson to take a victory lap after being vindicated by Mueller’s inability to find that mysterious link to the Kremlin.

“If you listen to the media discourse, outside of a few circles, they’ve just put collusion and conspiracy and all of those conspiracy theories they’ve spent the last three years endorsing––flushed it down the toilet like they don’t exist and just seamlessly shifted to obstruction. And then they’re conflating them to claim that they were right all along.

And that is really the alarming thing.

I think that in a lot of ways Donald Trump broke the brains of a lot of people, particularly people in the media who believe that telling lies, inventing conspiracy theories, being journalistically reckless, it’s all justified to stop this unparalleled menace. And that’s a good thing for activist to think and a really bad thing for a journalist to think.”Never one to mince words – especially when it comes to the activist frauds passing themselves off as reporters – Greenwald has hit the mark once again with his analysis.

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