Pelosi Whips Out Nasty Nickname To Attack McConnell For Blocking Dems Legislation

Pelosi Whips Out Nasty Nickname To Attack McConnell For Blocking Dems Legislation

It doesn’t appear that the Democrats are ever going to give up on the Russian collusion delusion and Nancy Pelosi has put on her tinfoil hat to invoke a sleazy and dishonest nickname for Mitch McConnell.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader has been labeled as MOSCOW MITCH by the babbling and often incoherent Pelosi who absent of policies has resorted to childish name-calling.


The septuagenarian speaker (who hits the big eight-oh next year) continues to flog the dead Russia hoax that spectacularly imploded well before a doddering Bob Meuller showed up in front of Congress and was exposed as senile but that isn’t stopping Democrats.

The “Moscow Mitch” nickname originally was contrived after McConnell resisted demands to address and “election security” bill that not only would put the feds in control of the vote but also allow Dems to pre-blame Russia for any losses next November.

But now that the silly nickname has induced a sugar buzz in the empty heads of the party’s increasingly unhinged socialist base, it isn’t going away and this time, it was whipped out over Dem grievances about their radical House bills that never make it out of the Senate.


The “Moscow Mitch” smear has been popular with the liberal social media hate mob and immediately after McConnell stomped on the Dems’ farcical election security bill, the hashtag #MoscowMitchMcTreason was being heavily promoted.

McConnell was aghast when simply doing his job was equated with treason and last month, he fiercely defended himself against this disgusting attack on his loyalty.

McConnell compared the media-Dem smears to “modern-day McCarthyism” in reference to the infamous senator “tail gunner Joe” whose Cold War-era hearings struck terror in the hearts of those falsely accused even if he was correct that there were actual communists within the federal government.

These are dark days in America when a clearly racist, socialist, anti-American political party and the corrupt media propaganda machine that promotes its dangerous lies while slyly condoning violence and the jailing of their political foes flippantly accuse any who disagree with them as being working on behalf of a foreign nemesis.

Some may see a lot of Russian influence in what Democrats are doing in that their modus operandi and philosophical underpinnings are eerily reminiscent of the Stalin-era in the old Soviet Union.

But the mob is no longer capable of legitimate political disagreement, healthy debate and working together with others in the best interests of America. They are so consumed by hate and brainwashed by propaganda that they only seek the destruction of anyone who disagrees with them and the media only pours gasoline on the fire.

It’s sad that Pelosi is leading them but what can you say? She is a conspiracy queen who has rubber-stamped anti-Semitism and not uttered a peep against the shameless lies of her subordinates who use their social media followings to instill hatred in others.

Another wonderful case for term limits.

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