PAY ATTENTION: Failed Candidate Gillum Unveils Plan To Use EX-FELONS To Turn Florida BLUE In 2020

PAY ATTENTION: Failed Candidate Gillum Unveils Plan To Use EX-FELONS To Turn Florida BLUE In 2020

Socialist and failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has recently stated that he has a plan to register over 1 million voters which he thinks will help take down President Trump in 2020.

So how will he do this? Gillum’s plan includes registering ex-felons who had their voting rights restored which was recently approved by Florida voters, so they will be more encouraged to vote.

Yes, you heard that right. Democrats need CRIMINALS and ex-FELONS to vote for them so they can get elected. Pathetic, right?

“We’re looking at a target of 1 million,” Gillum said. “We’ve got over 3 million people eligible to vote, and that’s to say nothing of the 1.4 million returning citizens” he said, referring to former felons.

Check out what Politico reported:

Gillum’s staff wouldn’t give specifics about the targeted number of new voters he hoped to register or the number of voters they hope to re-engage after they decided not to vote in the past two general elections.

At the same time, the Florida Democratic Party said it will spend $2 million in the next year to register 200,000 voters ahead of the 2020 presidential primary.

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo said the party hasn’t dedicated enough resources to registering voters in recent years.

There are currently 4.96 million registered Democrats in the state, compared to 4.7 million Republicans and nearly 3.6 million voters with no party affiliation.

In 2016, President Trump shocked the world by flipping many blue states and winning most of the battleground states like Florida.

Now, Democrats like Gillum are nervous that he will do it again, so they are now changing the rules and relying on ex-felons to get themselves elected.

Yes, Democrats are registering CRIMINALS to vote to help get them elected.

Republicans are fighting back by proposing a bill that would require the ex-felons to pay fines and fees.

Check out what the Gateway Pundit reported.

Florida Republicans are pushing back and are trying to make ex-felons pay fees and fines before their voting rights are restored in an effort to hinder Democrat efforts to tap into that large demographic of potential voters.

A Florida House Panel approved a bill this week that would require ex-felons to pay fines and fees before they are allowed to vote – both chambers in Florida are controlled by Republicans and Governor DeSantis, also a Republican, has voiced his support for the bill.

Democrats opposing the bill called it “blatantly unconstitutional as a poll tax,” referencing fees used to stop African-American from voting in the South in the late 1800’s.

President Trump and the Republican party are very focused on Florida – Joe Gruters, chairman of the Republican  Party of Florida and a state senator brushed off Gillum’s efforts.

This effort by Gillum to gain votes really shows how nervous the Left is about the upcoming election in 2020.

They will never admit it, but the Left knows that President Trump is improving the lives of Americans which will certainly get him re-elected.

Now, Democrats like Gillum need to find a way to get back in power, so they are going to rely on ex-felons.

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