PATHETIC! Leftist Billionaire Tom Steyer BEGS Pelosi To Remove Trump From Office

PATHETIC! Leftist Billionaire Tom Steyer BEGS Pelosi To Remove Trump From Office

Nancy Pelosi’s puncturing of the impeachment bubble has infuriated the extreme left and one of those who is aghast that the Speaker would dare to call off the lynch mob is the billionaire force behind the propaganda campaign to advocate for President Trump’s removal from the office

Unhinged environmentalist and hedge fund hyena Tom Steyer has poured his heart and soul – as well as millions of dollars – into the efforts to reverse the results of the 2016 election and avenge Hillary Clinton.

It’s perfectly understandable that Steyer is really miffed over Trump’s win because he himself poured an estimated $100 millioninto cramming Hillary into the White House only to listen in horror to that giant flushing sound when all of his dirty money went down the toilet and as a wealthy entitled liberal elitist, he wants revenge.

But despite the millions of additional dollars that the California high-roller has shelled out to influence races and poison the national discourse, he was mortified when Pelosi told the Washington Post that impeaching Trump is just not worth it or in layman’s terms: Mueller has squat after a two-year witch hunt.

The man who Trump nicknamed “weirdo Tom Steyer” isn’t about to give up though and he is taking his case to the media where his money will get him lots of attention as he desperately pleads his case as he did in an editorial for the most dumbed-down newspaper in America.

his is all par for the course of Trump’s career, which has been characterized by crimes, corruption and cover-ups. Which is why it was stunning to hear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explain that she opposes impeachment — because it would be divisive and she doesn’t think Trump is “worth it.”

What does tat even mean? We have never before had a president who so plainly deserves to be impeached. But beyond that, if Congress neglects its duty to do so, it will have catastrophic consequences for our nation — setting a terrible precedent, undermining our constitutional system, and leaving it vulnerable to deeper damage.

Pelosi explained to The Washington Post that impeachment would only be warranted if the president does “something so compelling and overwhelming” that it demands a response, potential for division be damned. By this standard, there are enough grounds for action to cover the National Mall with indictments.

Pelosi herself warned in that Post interview of the “unconstitutional assault” Trump has launched against our democracy, before going on to note that he is “ethically unfit,” “intellectually unfit” and “curiosity-wise unfit” to be president.

Yet even though Democratic leaders will criticize Trump’s rampant unconstitutionality, they refuse to initiate the impeachment process that would lead to accountability. Why? They don’t want to move without Republican support.


As with any Democratic priority, the response should not be to give up but to engage the American people, make the clear case for action, and repeat it every chance they get. Lincoln’s old dictum was correct: Public sentiment really is everything. Yet public sentiment isn’t unchangeable. It shifts. And it’s a representative’s responsibility not just to reflect their constituents’ views but also to guide them. That’s why Democrats need to level with the American people, trusting them to listen to the facts and make up their own minds.

If they do, the people will hear the strong case for impeachment and demand Congress do what’s right. More and more Americans are waking up to the wisdom of impeachment as evidence of this president’s abuses of power are brought to light. That has made Need to Impeach the fastest growing political movement in America, with 7.6 million supporters behind it already. Our swelling list of supporters shows that this is not an inside-the-Beltway issue that people will not feel a stake in.

Blah, blah, blah blah… Sounds like somebody better but a call into the WAAAmbulance.

Pelosi may be facing a palace revolt from the young socialist fanatics like AOC and her minions as well as the bitter race-obsessed cranks in the Congressional Black Caucus but she hasn’t survived for as long as she has by being stupid.

Nancy knows damned well that impeachment is a fool’s errand that has the potential to bomb the Democrats back to the Stone Age next November when Trump’s voters turn out in force which they failed to do in the midterms.

Tough luck for Daddy Warbucks Steyer on this one.

As one of those who stands to benefit from the massive windfall of taxpayer money that Democrats would plow into the green energy and global warming scams like the Green New Deal, Steyer has a lot of skin in the game and as history shows, he has not learned a thing from burning all of that money on the doomed Clinton campaign.

This is about to get really ugly for the Democrats but they have sowed the seeds of discontent so they truly deserve to reap the whirlwind.

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