OUTRAGEOUS: 2020 Dem Compares Trump To Terror Group, Says He’s ‘Al Qaeda’s Big Brother’

OUTRAGEOUS: 2020 Dem Compares Trump To Terror Group, Says He’s ‘Al Qaeda’s Big Brother’

A Democrat congresswoman who is among the massive field competing for the party’s presidential nomination next year is looking for a way to stand out from the other loons and she did exactly that with an outrageous comment about President Trump.

Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii took advantage of the president’s criticism of the controversial remarks made by Rep. Ilhan Omar to make her own incredible statement that Trump is “al-Qaeda’s big brother” for working with longtime Middle East ally Saudi Arabia to quash terrorism.

Gabbard is never going to make it out of the “kid’s table” round of candidates when the primaries come and will likely be among one of the first to drop out but could end up being picked by Bernie Sanders as a running mate so it is imperative for her to get attention.

Only at a time when millions have been brainwashed by a media-Deep State campaign to smear the duly elected POTUS as a secret Kremlin operative could a similar comparison to the murderous cult that brought down the World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 people be made without widespread condemnation.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, on Wednesday accused President Trump of prostituting the United States after he vetoed a congressional resolution this week calling for an end of U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Ms. Gabbard, a former combat veteran who served in the Iraq War, said Mr. Trump is turning the nation “into the prostitute of Saudi Arabia.”

“By vetoing the war powers resolution, Trump has again proven that he is the servant of Saudi Arabia, the theocratic dictatorship that spends billions of dollars every single year spreading the most extreme and intolerant form of Islam around the world,” the Hawaii Democrat said in a video. “The very same ideology that motivated al Qaeda and other jihadists.”

In her underdog bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, Ms. Gabbard has tried to separate herself from the massive field of contenders by emphasizing foreign affairs.

The 37-year-old joined most of her fellow Democrats in the House and 16 Republicans in voting for a resolution that invoked the war powers act and directed the president to remove U.S. armed forces from the hostilities in Yemen within 30 days. The Senate passed the resolution in March.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump vetoed the resolution.

Gabbard has been a frequent antagonist of the president and previously ripped him as “Saudi Arabia’s bitch” despite her own history with controversial Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad who she has refused to condemn as a war criminal.

She also came under intense criticism for a 2017 visit to Syria where she blasted U.S. policy. It was a propaganda triumph for Assad who has presided over a period of unspeakable carnage and has on multiple occasions been accused of gassing his own people.

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