One Brave Republican Just BLOCKED Pelosi From Passing $19 Billion Bill; ‘It Doesn’t Include…’

One Brave Republican Just BLOCKED Pelosi From Passing $19 Billion Bill; ‘It Doesn’t Include…’

One brave Republican lawmaker blocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats from passing a $19 billion spending bill, and she is not happy about it.

Last week, Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy blocked Pelosi from passing $19 billion in disaster relief spending bill because Democrats wanted to pass the measure through unanimous consent rather than holding a debate in House.

That’s right, Democrats wanted to spend $19 billion in taxpayer money without asking a single member in the House of Representatives to actually vote on it.The primary objection is really that we didn’t have a chance to vote. It’s the people’s House,” Roy said.

We’re not elected to have things pass through consent without debate. We should have had a vigorous debate and we should have a debate about why we’re not securing the border and why we’re spending money we don’t have,” Roy added.

Roy also revealed the $19 billion disaster relief bill did not include any funding for President Donald Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pelosi responded to Roy’s move by accusing him of “sabotage” and blamed all Republicans.

“House Republicans’ last-minute sabotage of an overwhelmingly bipartisan disaster relief bill is an act of staggering political cynicism. Every House Republican needs to answer to the American people why they are standing in the way of urgently needed disaster relief for families struggling to heal and recover.”

Roy said Friday afternoon that he’s gotten lots of positive feedback for his bold maneuver to block Pelosi’s measure.

“Grateful for the numerous texts & emails from colleagues & constituents thanking me for doing what I said I would do… to try to stop business as usual in the swamp. This is about saving the Republic for our kids. Washington is broken. We should debate, vote, & do our jobs,” he wrote.

Trump’s feud with Pelosi hit overdrive last week after a tense meeting at the White House after she accused the president of being involved in a criminal conspiracy.

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Pelosi claimed that Trump lost his mind and slammed his fist on the table during an infrastructure meeting at the White House last Wednesday.

However, Trump not only set the record straight himself, he brought several witnesses to tell the media what really happened in the closed-door meeting.
After the abruptly cancelled meeting on Thursday, Pelosi crossed a major line and revealed her sick wish for President Donald Trump’s family.

Pelosi implied to reporters that Trump had mental issues, said she was “praying” for the president, and suggested that his family ought to “stage an intervention.”

Pelosi was also reportedly very rude to Trump’s staff during the meeting on Wednesday, and even tried to go after Kellyanne Conway.

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