Obama Regime Officials Have McCabe’s Back After DOJ Announcement

Obama Regime Officials Have McCabe’s Back After DOJ Announcement

The walls may be closing on on disgraced former FBI official Andrew McCabe for his role in the failed coup against President Trump.

As James Comey’s underling, McCabe was a key player in the media leaks and falsehoods presented to a FISA court that would justify the surveillance of Trump and his associates in the Russian collusion hoax.

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When it comes to rat bastards there are few in McCabe’s league and he got his just deserts when he was fired mere hours short of qualifying for his full retirement. He has since managed to get a job at CNN along with other crooked Obama regime figures who rely on the fake news network for a paycheck.

But last week was not a good one for “Andy” after the Justice Department rejected an appeal from McCabe’s attorneys to stave off criminal prosecution and soon, the report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz is going to arrive and the buzz is that it will not be kind to him.

He will have his defenders and they will be led by other ex-officials from one of the most corrupt administrations in U.S. history as well as one that abused the nation’s massive surveillance apparatus for political purposes.

Multiple former members of the Obama administration have reportedly said they will testify on behalf of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should he face trial.

An analysis from McCabe’s legal team obtained by Politico said officials including former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough and homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco would be willing to back him in court should he ultimately face charges over allegations that he misled Department of Justice (DOJ) officials over leaks to the media.

“Mr. McCabe has obtained commitments from more than a dozen former high-ranking government officials who worked closely with Mr. McCabe on law enforcement and national security matters to testify as character witnesses on Mr. McCabe’s behalf,” a spokesman told Politico. “An errant version included some individuals who have not committed to serve as character witnesses at trial. We requested that Politico remove those names.”

The list of corrupt apparatchik from the Obama administration could include such luminaries as Comey, former spy chief and current CNN employee James Clapper, ex-CIA director and MSNBC analyst John Brennan (who has admitted voting for a communist) and a host of others who have a vested interest in protecting McCabe.

In addition to the original Russian collusion scam or the “insurance policy” that the partisan hack McCabe was working on to reverse the results 2016 election, he also launched a counterintelligence operation against Trump after the POTUS dropped the hammer on his jackleg boss Comey.

With McCabe looking like what could be the first of many indictments spawned by the Horowitz report and others likely to squeal in order to save their own skin, it is crucial for Obama figures to circle the wagons in order to protect dear leader’s precious legacy.

More importantly for this malignant pack of treacherous scoundrels, the damage must be contained during the early stages because if the what is arguably the biggest scandal in American political history breaks containment, it may only be a matter of time until it works its way up to Obama himself.

As Democrat Harry Truman once famously put it, “the buck stops here” and there is no way that the former president didn’t know about the treasonous plot to frame Trump.

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