NO WAY: Pelosi Triples Down With Another SAD EXCUSE For Omar’s Hateful Words [VIDEO]

NO WAY: Pelosi Triples Down With Another SAD EXCUSE For Omar’s Hateful Words [VIDEO]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making another sad excuse for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic verbiage.

Pelosi’s support of Omar is almost like the Democratic Party openly endorsing anti-Semitism.

Instead of condemning Omar’s hateful words towards Israel and the Jewish culture, the Democrats keep defending her and coming up with different excuses for her bad behavior in congress.

Pelosi tried to say that Omar “has a different experience in the use of words” — but that’s nonsense.

Omar has lived in America long enough, since 1995, to know exactly what she’s saying is hurtful to many Americans and those in Israel.

If President Trump said the same things Omar said, the Democrats wouldn’t let him sleep a single night peacefully until he apologized.

However, when a Democrat says something terrible, the Democrats stand up for them regardless of how wrong it is.

Pelosi is a perfect example of a Democrat defending bad behavior practiced by another Democrat.

An opinion piece in the NY Post stated that Democrats dislike people who are hateful, unless that person is part of their party.

“Democrats hate hate — but when it comes to a hater in their own midst, they’ll make excuses or even elevate the bigot.

Because Democratic leaders publicly bent over backward to excuse Omar’s continued use of classic anti-Jewish tropes. Pelosi claimed she “doesn’t believe” that Omar’s comments were “intended in any anti-Semitic way,” and that the resolution is “not about her.” No. 2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer also insisted Omar isn’t anti-Semitic.”

How long will it take for Democrats to wake up and realize that some of the members in their party are hurtful to their cause then they divide the country with anti-Semitic remarks?

Will Democrats ever condemn Omar’s statements or remove her from government?

Many Americans hope so.


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