Nigerian Brothers FIRE BACK With Statement, Rip Smollett Lawyer’s Claim They Wore ‘Whiteface’

Nigerian Brothers FIRE BACK With Statement, Rip Smollett Lawyer’s Claim They Wore ‘Whiteface’

The two Nigerian bothers who were recruited by actor Jussie Smollett to assist him in pulling off his hate crime hoax are clapping back over an outlandish suggestion by the Empire star’s lawyer.
Following the stunning and likely politically motivated move by top Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx to drop all felony charges against Smollett, the spin from those who are defending him has been intensifying by the day and becoming increasingly ridiculous.The nadir was when attorney Tina Glandian went on NBC’s Today Show to bolster Smollett’s version of the story despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt by claiming that the Osundairo brothers may have been wearing “whiteface” like Batman’s nemesis the Joker.

It’s already apparent that the media has learned nothing from the brutal humiliation of the Russian collusion scam that they pushed for years before it imploded last week. They have just moved onto the next hoax that they will feed to their gullible audiences.

It is also now clear that Smollett’s legal strategy is to blame the ‘racist’ police and to smear the two Nigerians as liars – another member of Smollett’s legal team is now calling for an investigationinto the two brothers.

It didn’t take very long for Glandian’s claim to be ridiculed – deservedly so – by the brothers’ attorney who went on CNN during Don Lemon’s show and dismissed the idea that her clients wore ‘whiteface’ and that Smollett didn’t know who they were.

Lemon: Do they face the possibility of charges? Are they going to be charged in this case? Because if he didn’t do it —

Schmidt: No, because they didn’t —

Lemon: Then … ( he pauses)

Schmidt: I mean, what charges could they face? Because they were not, they did not commit a hate crime; they did not stalk Jussie out and attack him for his sexual orientation or for his race. This was completely a publicity stunt that my clients had trusted with their friend, and once this got so big and they saw that this was affecting so any people, they stood up and said we’re not going to be part of this fraud. And that’s what happened and they were committed to doing that.

Lemon: One more thing before I let you go: one of the attorneys said that the brothers could have been wearing whiteface that night?

Schmidt: I — I heard that, and I think that’s absolutely just atrocious.

It adds to, I think, why people are giving lawyers a bad name. It’s to distract from the real issues here and by putting out conspiracy theories that, perhaps, my clients were wearing whiteface, it just adds to the ridiculous and the offensiveness of this entire thing

The bizarre turn of events with the charges being dropped and now many in the activist media moving to circle the wagons around Smollett would seem to give credence to those who have been suggesting that there are major Democrats who were involved in what can only be described as obstruction of justice.
The name Obama sure seems to have popped up quite a bit in relation to this travesty of justice and a hate hoax that went badly wrong.

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