News Just Got Worse For Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Now Lindsey Graham Is Making A Big Move

News Just Got Worse For Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Now Lindsey Graham Is Making A Big Move

The news keeps getting worse for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which has resulted in President Donald Trump and Republicans making big moves.As noted by CNN, the 85-year-old Justice has missed two weeks on the court, and now she has cancelled two more events that were scheduled for the coming weeks

Ginsburg will not attend scheduled talks in the upcoming weeks in Los Angeles and New York as she recovers from surgery that she had last month.

“Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg regrets that she is unable to attend the talk with David Rubenstein at 92Y on February 6,” an email from the 92nd Street Y said. “She is curtailing travel and focusing on her work while recuperating from recent surgery.”

The 85-year-old Justice is recovering from surgery to remove two cancerous growths from her left lung, forcing her to miss two straight weeks of oral arguments on the Supreme Court.

Given she’s apparently unable to appear on the bench and is cancelling upcoming events, some Republicans are eyeing her replacement.

During an interview on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he’s “hell-bent” on ensuring that the next Supreme Court vacancy — whether it’s Ginsburg’s seat or for someone else — is filled by a conservative.

Graham now serves as the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, meaning he is in charge of overseeing Supreme Court confirmations.

Graham assured viewers that he will not cower to liberal outrage and allow future hearings to descend into chaos like they did for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“My Democratic colleagues felt when they were in charge we should confirm judges by a majority vote. They changed the rules to accommodate President Obama. They tried to stack the court. They never thought [Hillary] Clinton would lose. So what you’re gonna have is Harry Reid’s and Chuck Schumer’s desire to stack the court on their Democratic watch has come back to haunt them,” Graham said.

Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally retire?

“If there is an opening, whether it’s Ginsburg or anybody else, I will urge the president to nominate a qualified conservative and hopefully those people will get through – that person will get through,” Graham continued. “And I expect it to be along party lines, and this is what happens when you change the rules. This has come back to bite ‘ em. I predicted it would. And we’ll see. I hope Justice Ginsburg serves for a long time. But if there’s an opening on this court, I’m going to be hell-bent to put a conservative to replace whoever steps down for whatever reason.”

Ginsburg’s ailing health and her absence from the bench for two weeks could be a major signal, and President Donald Trump is also getting ready. 

With Ginsburg apparently unable to leave her home, the White House has been making “gingerly preparations” in case she retires.

According to two sources familiar with the process, the White House is well aware of the medical issues involved with Ginsburg, who is 85-years-old.

“Gingerly preparations are underway, not just for Ginsburg but for any SCOTUS retirement,” a source involved in the Supreme Court nominations of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh said last week.

While Trump, the White House, and many have wished nothing but the best for Ginsburg, many argue that her health issues may have gotten worse.

If she does retire while Trump is still in office, the president would have the historic opportunity to nominate a third Justice to the Supreme Court, which currently has a 5-4 conservative bent.


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