New Poll Is Bad News For Dem Hopes Of Retaking The White House In 2020 F

New Poll Is Bad News For Dem Hopes Of Retaking The White House In 2020 F

The chances that President Trump will be easily reelected next November continue to improve thanks to the opposition party’s decision to engage in political suicide.

According to the results of a new poll, liberals are rapidly losing ground in the battle for American hearts and minds and now represent a majority over conservatives in only six states, down from nine at the last time that such a survey was undertaken.

There is no spinning this catastrophe for Democrats and their media allies who often fly into action to discredit polls that they don’t approve of. This particular poll comes from Gallup which is widely regarded as one of the most accurate and respectable organizations that exist when it comes to crunching the numbers.

The six states that remain as rock solid liberal strongholds are predictable: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire.

Just picture Elizabeth Warren, Mazie Hirono, Bernie Sanders, dope smoking Seattle socialists, the infanticide capital of America and an insignificant northeastern state overrun with eccentrics that has a measly 1.3 million population and you get the idea.

Strangely, California which is the homeland of the resistance and decadent anti-Americanism that has overrun Hollywood, San Francisco and has a one-party government has conservatives versus liberals at dead even though Sacramento is run like the old Soviet Politburo by the Dems

The number of states where liberals outnumber conservatives has dropped more than 30 percent, with just six now in that category: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire.

According to the latest Gallup survey, in every other state but California, where conservatives and liberals split 29 percent to 29 percent, conservatives lead.

Nationally, those who identify themselves conservative hold a nine-point lead.

The residents of most U.S. states are more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal in their political ideology. In 25 states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average, including 19 “highly conservative” states in which conservatives outnumber liberals by at least 20 percentage points. Meanwhile, in six states, there are more liberals than conservatives.

Nationally, the conservative advantage in ideological identification is nine percentage points, and reflects a narrowing of the conservative-liberal gap from 21 points in 2004.

These findings are based on aggregated data from Gallup’s 2018 tracking poll in which respondents were asked to indicate whether they describe their political views as liberal, moderate or conservative.

States in which the conservative-liberal gap is 20 points or greater are considered “highly conservative.” The “more conservative than average” states have gaps of between 15 and 19 points. “About average” states’ residents prefer the conservative description by seven to 14 points, and those with gaps of zero to six points are considered “less conservative than average.”

The number of states in which more residents identify as liberal than as conservative is down slightly from nine in 2017.

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