MUST WATCH: Students Love Socialism, But NOT When It Comes To Redistributing Their GPA

MUST WATCH: Students Love Socialism, But NOT When It Comes To Redistributing Their GPA

In one of the best videos you’re likely to see this month, one reporter got liberal college students to admit how hypocritical they truly are.

The kids in the clip below love them some socialism – even morethan capitalism – but they have a big problem when it comes to redistributing their own GPAs.

Hmm. Seems like they don’t understand what socialism is all about.

This is great.



Too funny.

These college students know so little, and yet, they will be the next generation of leaders. Scary, isn’t it?

The whole idea, the entire point of the First Amendment, is to protect speech that others may find offensive.

And yet, it would appear some college students today don’t understand that simple fact.

Check out which speech some people want banned

From Campus Reform:

Campus Reform‘s Cabot Phillips, ahead of President Donald Trump signing an executive order Thursday that is intended to address free speech on college campuses, talked with students at Marymount University in Virginia to ask them their thoughts on what type of speech should be allowed and the type of speech they think crosses a line.

A number of students suggested that hateful, offensive, or rude speech should not be considered free speech.

“I think if it’s, like, hateful and disrespectful to specific groups, then that’s not OK,” one student said.

How ridiculous is that?

Higher education is meant for learning and broadening one’s horizons. That much should be obvious.

Some college students at UCLA clearly believe it’s more of a time to highlight one’s liberal ways than anything else.

It’s no wonder, then, why a handful of young adults decided to sign a petition that would send Trump supporters to concentration camps.

Think about that for a second.

Kaitlin Bennett went undercover.

I went undercover at @UCLA as a feminist named Jenna Talia and got students to sign a petition to put Trump supporters in concentration camps. Leftists are the REAL nazis.



If that’s not completely bonkers, nothing is.

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Find out what happens when different college kids find out certain quotes about the border wall were made by the likes of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama after being told they were made by President Trump.

What seems to be evident is that socialist professors are doing a great job at convincing the impressionable that being liberal is cooler than being conservative.

It doesn’t help that all notable Hollywood stars are far-left loons, as well.

Kids see their favorite musicians and actors preach about “global warming” and “evil Trump” and this and that, and they think those things must be true.

It’s sad, but people aren’t thinking for themselves anymore.

If this trend keeps up, America will look a lot different in a decade.

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