MUST SEE: Rush Limbaugh Has Had Enough, Reveals BIG LIE That Media Is Pushing About Russia Hoax

MUST SEE: Rush Limbaugh Has Had Enough, Reveals BIG LIE That Media Is Pushing About Russia Hoax

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh just revealed the one big lie that the media continues to push about the Russia hoax.

During a segment on his top-rated show, Limbaugh said media figures are working overtime to “lie” about the Mueller report and are still falsely claiming that there’s evidence of collusion.

Limbaugh described how a friend of his that works in journalism is worried about the profession and networks being in cahoots with Democrats.

Limbaugh stated:

He’s aware that the media stopped being media when Trump was elected, and maybe even before. But that they became complicit with the intelligence community and with the Department of Justice and with the Clinton campaign. They became complicit in a political effort to destroy Trump.

In this case, the opposing candidate. As all this has happened, the respect that people hold for journalism in general and journalists specifically has plummeted, and it really distresses him, because he has not joined this fray. He is not complicit in this.

He is repulsed by what he has seen happen to journalism. And I heard from him after this Washington Post bombshell last night, which is so clearly a setup. It’s the special counsel office leaking to the Post the night before Barr is to testify. It’s designed to impugn Barr’s reputation. It’s designed to create a lie in the minds of people that consume journalism.

Limbaugh then detailed how the media is now trying to defend their decision to go all-in on the Mueller report and how they are now still trying to find “dirt” that “proves” President Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

They’re actually trying to make people think that Mueller found collusion and that the attorney general is lying about it. And it just repulses him. Even people where he works are falling prey to this. He feels like a lone voice.

And so what’s happened? Two years, two or more years now of their lives, CNN, The New York Times… their professional lives have essentially been wiped out by virtue of their abject failure to get rid of Trump. That’s what their jobs became, and they have failed. And they know it. And they are livid. And they’re angry, and they’re depressed. And they can’t give it up.

Like Limbaugh’s friend, many Americans are sick and tired of CNN and other fake news outlets working overtime to hide the truth.

Mueller’s report also clearly vindicates the president.

Earlier this month, Attorney General William Barr put the final nail in the collusion coffin and reiterated countless times that Mueller found no evidence that Trump, his campaign, or any American colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Barr said he consulted with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and they both determined there was no evidence to charge Trump with obstructing justice in the Russia probe.

Barr and Mueller have made it clear that there is no evidence of collusion or obstruction.

While Pelosi and Democrats are doing and saying whatever they can to attack Trump and his administration — it appears Mueller is eager to testify and set the record straight.


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