MUST SEE: Don Jr. Had A FIELD DAY On Twitter After Michael Avenatti Got Arrested

MUST SEE: Don Jr. Had A FIELD DAY On Twitter After Michael Avenatti Got Arrested

Michael Avenatti, the creepy lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, was arrested on Monday for trying to extort over $20 million dollars from Nike. According to reports, Avenatti threatened to hold a conference where he would falsely accuse Nike for misconduct unless they paid him $20 million dollars to perform an “internal investigation.”

Donald Trump Jr. has been a victim of Avenatti’s constant attacks in the past so the son of President Trump took almost no time to absolutely slam the lawyer.

“Good news for my friend @MichaelAvenatti, if you plead fast enough, you might just get to share a cell with Michael Cohen! #basta,” Trump Jr. said in a tweet.

Basta” is a term that Avenatti has used in the past in his tweets when he has attacked the Trump team.

Shortly after his first tweet, Trump Jr. took another shot at the lawyer where he used the acronym “MAGA” but he was NOT referring to “Make America Great Again.”

“Karma’s a bitch huh #basta,” Don Jr. tweeted while responding to Los Angeles prosecutors announcing ADDITIONAL charges on Avenatti for bank and wire fraud

We saved the best for last. Last October, Avenatti took to Twitter to announce his prediction that Donald Trump Jr. would be indicted by Mueller before his birthday on 12-31-18. This prediction didn’t come true before the date and it will never come true considering the Mueller investigation is over and there was no more indictments.

On October 11th 2018 Avenatti stated: “Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted before his birthday on 12-31-18. If you doubt my prediction, please check my record over the last 7 months. #Winning

Well it looks like the only person who will be going to jail is Avenatti himself! Trump Jr. made sure not to miss this opportunity to roast the lawyer.

Avenatti and Trump Jr. have had an ongoing feud over the past year. Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Only days before that, Avenatti challenged Donald Trump Jr. to a mixed-martial arts fight, as reported by Dylan Byers, who tweeted, “I’m having lunch with Michael Avenatti @MichaelAvenatti at the Vanity Fair Summit and he’s proposing a three-round mixed-martial arts fight with Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr for charity. No joke.”

Avenatti responded, “This would be for two great causes. I’m in.”

Just prior to that exchange, Trump Jr. had targeted Avenatti, linking him with news of former Congressmen Anthony Weiner being released from prison. He wrote, “Who else is excited about Avanetti/Weiner 2020?!? It’s gonna be Carlos Dangerous.”

Avenatti snapped, “Bif: If I were you, the last thing I would be doing is referencing other people getting out of federal prison. Because after you are indicted, you will likely be passing them on your way in. BTW, they don’t have silver spoons or gold toilets in the joint. Buckle up Buttercup.”

The Avenatti and Trump Jr. beef has been going on for a long time but it looks like Trump Jr. will get the last laugh considering Avenatti is facing prison time.

The Trump Train wins once again!

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