MSNBC Baselessly Accuses Trump Of Laundering Money For Russia For Last 30 Years

MSNBC Baselessly Accuses Trump Of Laundering Money For Russia For Last 30 Years

You can’t be a conservative president with a hugely successful mission to remove the most dangerous terrorist in the world without the Left trying something desperate to steal your glory.

This is exactly what MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch did on Thursday morning when he ridiculously made a baseless claim against President Trump.

And what was his silly statement?

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He claimed that Trump has been laundering money from Russia for the last 30 years.

What nerve!

From Fox News:

President Trump is a Russian asset who has laundered money for Vladimir Putin for decades in order to save his struggling casinos, MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch claimed Thursday.

“This is all about failed casinos,” the New York City advertising executive said on “Morning Joe.” “[Trump] is owned by Putin because he’s been laundering money, Russian money, for the last 20, 30 years. He’s owned by them.”

“You talk to any banker in New York, any business person in New York, any real estate person … we have a president that’s selling out our military, that’s costing lives, because he is owned by our geopolitical enemy,” he continued. “Because he’s been laundering money for him as a criminal organization for the last 30 years.”

Any idiot could see that it was a ridiculous statement after Joe Scarborough’s dumbfounded stare, followed by a practiced “don’t panic” look.

Like the media pro that he is, he quickly shut Deutsch down, saying over and over that this information was mere “speculation.” All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Rather than lose his street cred as a Democrat, though, Joe felt the need to save face and make some silly statements of his own:

Host Joe Scarborough wasn’t prepared to fully support Deutsch’s uncorroborated theories and said the wild claims rest on speculation of New York bankers and finance industry insiders.

“That is speculation and only speculation right now,” he said. “I will say that it is speculation among New York bankers who have loaned Donald Trump money in the past, and who have been following his business career.”

Scarborough claimed Putin likely has compromising financial evidence against the president, which is causing Trump to cede power in the Middle East and help Russia strategically.

“We all will be absolutely fascinated when we finally figure out what Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump and why Donald Trump has surrendered the Middle East, helped ISIS, helped Iran, helped Russia, helped Turkey, helped all of our enemies and betrayed all of our allies,” he said.

“A lot of people think… [Putin] has compromising pictures or something happened in a hotel in Russia years ago,” Scarborough added. “No. It goes back to money. It’s always about money.”

Well-crafted statements, Joe. That way you cover yourself from a defamation lawsuit while still throwing the dog a bone of your own.

I mean, does he really think at this point that a compromising picture would keep Trump as ANYONE’S lap dog? You’ve got to be kidding me.

So if you think Trump is colluding with the Russians, why don’t we just investigate him? Oh wait, they already did.

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Absent from the discussion were the findings from the Mueller investigation that found Trump to be innocent of any Russian wrong-doing:

Deutsch and company did not mention that the conclusion of the two-and-a-half-year Robert Mueller investigation failed to yield any proof of Russian collusion or substantiate theories from the Steele dossier about Trump’s ties to Russia.

“This president is selling, not only America, but its most important allies down the river for money he wants to make, either while in office, or when he leaves office,” Scarborough concluded.

So they claim that Trump is selling out America and it’s allies, all the while taking attention off of his huge win in taking out ISIS.

Honestly, the interview was completely pathetic. But if you’d like to see Deutsch and Scarborough’s dialogue, you can watch the video in the tweet below:

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