Michael Moore Joins Democrats, Will Boycott Starbucks

Michael Moore Joins Democrats, Will Boycott Starbucks

The left’s major hissy fit over the idea that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schutz may run as a third-party presidential candidate is intensifying with a coordinated boycott of the overpriced bean juice chain and public restroom beginning to take shape

Schultz infuriated Democrats by daring to utter the heresy that extremists the likes of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their socialism had dragged the party too far to the left which allowed for him to temporarily supplant President Trump atop their hate list.

Despite his being a flaming liberal who during his tenure in charge of Starbucks was a hero of the left, he has faced the same sort of hate usually reserved for Trump administration figures and Republican members of Congress.

Never mind that Schultz stepped down as the executive chairman of Starbucks, the idea that a severe punitive strike launched against the chain as liberals temporarily gave up their lattes would send a message to him and force him from the race.

The idea was first promoted by Clinton family crony Neera Tanden who heads up the John Podesta founded think tank The Center For American Progress earlier this week.

Now the boycott idea has the support of filmmaker and gadfly Michael Moore who is struggling to remain relevant as an ersatz leader of the so-called Resistance after his overhyped movie “Fahrenheit 11/9” was dead on arrival at the box office last fall.

The corpulent 64-year-old joined the calls to boycott Starbucks during an appearance on late night host Seth Myers’ show on Thursday.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is putting pressure on former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz as the billionaire mulls a possible run for president.

Schultz has ruffled feathers among Democrats after he announced that he was seriously considering an independent run in 2020, which many critics believe will aid President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Moore expressed his disdain for Schultz, mocking the potential candidate for describing himself as a “self-made billionaire.”

“Right away by admitting that you had subsidized public housing paid for by the tax dollars of the American people, you aren’t self-made. You got a hand-up from us like we wanted it,” Moore said of Schultz growing up in project housing in New York. “We want to help our fellow Americans. It’s a form of socialism, public housing, and yet he’s saying, ‘I’m all self-made.’ He went to public university, he went to Northern Michigan University actually, and you know, again, financed by taxpayer’s dollars. And he sells coffee, which is essentially water using city water systems, municipal water systems… You got to be a billionaire because we’re paying for the water!”

When asked whether Schultz should run for president, the political documentarian urged everyone not to go to Starbucks “until he announces he’s not running.” He also suggested setting up “lemonade stand”-like tables outside of Starbucks and sell their own coffee.

Moore shared his excitement over “outlawing billionaires,” calling their existence “immoral.”

Like so many on the left who retreated into a fantasy world after Hillary’s loss Moore has been pleading with the likes of Oprah, Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama and even Sully Sullenberger to jump into the race to take on Trump.

But none are as far-fetched as AOC who still has six years before he meets the constitutional age requirement to run for POTUS and the odds are that by then she will have pissed off enough members of her own party that she’ll be back working as a bartender.

The embrace of such tactics of economic terrorism by Democrat shows what a serious threat that Schultz represents in that unlike the zealots who have hijacked the party, he could craft an appeal to moderates who aren’t keen on radical redistribution of wealth schemes to usher in the hell of socialism. He also has his own money and won’t simply be a ventriloquist dummy for George Soros and Tom Steyer which is very concerning to Dems.

But it’s a high stakes gamble because Schultz could win even more favorable sentiment with voters if he stands up to the mob and their bullying.

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