Men Get Stuck Climbing Trump’s Border Wall – Images Show It Didn’t End Well For Them

Men Get Stuck Climbing Trump’s Border Wall – Images Show It Didn’t End Well For Them

You have to wonder just how wrong the Democrats are about… everything!

Despite intense opposition, President Trump has built numerous sections of the wall. Even after crossings dropped, Democrats say it doesn’t work.

Really? Maybe that’s what these three border jumpers thought when they tried to scale it.

Turns out, a 30-foot barrier is a pretty good defensive measure.

From Western Journal:

Three… aliens from Mexico learned the hard way that the border wall critics were incredibly wrong…

The trio of interlopers attempting to sneak into the country ended up trapped atop a section of the 30-foot-tall fence in the San Diego, California…

They were promptly helped down from the precarious position and taken into custody.

Wow. Three buddies tried to climb the border wall in San Diego.

According to the report, they were hoping dense fog would hide them from Border Patrol.

Apparently, these Einsteins never heard of infrared cameras.

What’s amazing is that, while they made it to the top of the fencing, they realized the fog made the other side too slick to climb down!

Had they tried, they would have fallen to a grisly death.

The icing on the cake? Their “buddies” who helped them up the wall ran off when they realized they were stuck.

I guess they were fair-weathered friends, huh?

Border Patrol quickly apprehended these border jumpers, with help from the San Diego Fire Department. Hey, they should be thanking our patrol forces.

A less-friendly country would have left them up there, wouldn’t they?

You have to wonder how stupid these men were. It’s a 30-foot steel fencing, you idiots. Getting up it would be easy. Getting down? Not so much.

Perhaps they thought it would be a cinch, because of all the criticism from the left. Maybe they should have watched something other than CNN.

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