Mayor Pete Defends NFL Kneelers; Claims Trump Lied To Avoid Vietnam

Mayor Pete Defends NFL Kneelers; Claims Trump Lied To Avoid Vietnam

ust when the National Football League may have believed that the kneeling controversy had finally gone away, America’s gay sensation Pete Buttigieg aka Mayor Pete has ripped the scab off the wound as another way to attack President Trump.

Buttigieg or “Boot Edge Edge” has used his gayness as a shield while emerging as one of the most vicious Democrat guttersnipes who have deployed to smear Trump and the 63 million patriotic Americans who voted for him.

Mayor Pete has enjoyed the blanket protection of the media while he assails Christians and has the additional political cover of being a military veteran which he seems to believe gives him the moral authority to trash America and the media just gobbles up the slop and begs for more.

The anti-Americanism that found a place on NFL sidelines for two years that was inspired by militant stinko backup quarterback turned social justice icon Colin Kaepernick alienated millions of fans, cost the NFL a boatload of money and tainted the league thanks to the actions of privileged malcontent millionaires who while on the job and in uniform, used their celebrity status to make a statement against Trump that was draped in the false religion of social justice.

But the NFL settled the lawsuit that Kaepernick had brought (translation: paid him off) and was moving forward before Pete happened.

The comments came during an interview with the Trump-hating propaganda rag the Washington Post.

It’s a huge part of what makes America America,” Buttigieg said, calling the NFL player protests a “fundamental freedom” protected by the First Amendment.

Buttigieg commented on the issue during a conversation with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

“When that same flag was on my shoulder, I didn’t think of the flag as something that itself was an image was sacred, I thought of it as sacred because of what it represented, one of the very things that represented was freedom of speech”
.“I felt that I was watching Americans exercise a right that I had put my life on the line to defend,”

Mayor Pete also channeled his inner McCain to use his military service to impugn the patriotism of the president and claimed that Trump lied to avoid going to Vietnam.

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg on Thursday hammered President Trump for in the past saying he had bone spurs to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War, saying he faked the disability.

“Well, I have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privileged status to fake a disability in order to avoid serving in Vietnam,” Buttigieg, an Afghanistan War veteran, said during a livestreamed interview with The Washington Post.

“Yeah, at least not that one,” he doubled down when asked if he thought the condition was faked. “This is actually really important because I don’t mean to trivialize disability, but I think that’s exactly what he did.”

It’s hardly a surprise that Buttigieg sucked up to the kneelers even though it is practically guaranteed to make him the butt of many jokes.

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