Liz Warren Plays The Race Card Over Manafort Sentence

Liz Warren Plays The Race Card Over Manafort Sentence

Democrats, their shills in the media and every unhinged liberal who has invested over two years of their lives in the Russian collusion scam had a tough week when a judge refused to throw former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort into a prison cell to rot for the rest of his life.

Manafort was subjected to a vicious political persecution normally seen in authoritarian dictatorships and had every aspect of his life examined by rogue special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his hit squad of partisan goons.

While Manafort is certainly no angel, he found himself as a top target of Mueller’s police state operation simply because he worked for President Trump. The punishment for not singing and composing to assist Meuller in his frame job was a demand for a 24-year prison term that would have been a death sentence for the 69-year-old Republican operative.

But the party was spoiled when US District Judge T.S. Ellis delivered a smackdown to Mueller and his minions by sentencing Manafort to 47 months with credit for time served.Oh, how the political left howled in rage as they brayed about injustice and because they are Democrats, the race card was immediately introduced by many including 2020 presidential aspirant Elizabeth “Pocahontas’ Warren.

While appearing on DNC propaganda organ MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Senator Warren jumped at the chance to interject systemic racism into a story that has nothing to do with race:

HOST ARI MELBER: “Do you think, when you look at that statistically, that a similar defendant who might have been poor and black would have gotten a different sentence?”

WARREN: “Oh, we know the data on this. Of course the sentence would have been different. In fact, study after study after study shows that for the exact same crimes, African-Americans are more likely than whites to be arrested, to be prosecuted, to be wrongfully convicted, and to receive harsher sentences. Race matters in our criminal justice system, and it is not a system of equal justice under law.”

Pocahontas may be the only woman candidate in America who is even more unlikable than Hillary Clinton and has based her entire career on race thanks to her false claims of Native American heritage that she used to curry academic and professional favor.Warren is also counting on rousing the rabble with the potent allure of reparations if she wins the White House as Dems prepare to bet the house on black voters being gullible enough to support the party whose ruinous policies have failed to do anything to improve their lot in life.


Manafort is not out of the woods yet. He still has to be sentenced in a Washington D.C. court on conspiracy charges by an Obama appointed judge who has already shown that she would jump through flaming hoops for Mueller.

But a multi-decade sentence from Judge Amy Berman Jackson would only confirm how there are indeed two systems of justice in America with one of them being rotten to the core and weaponized as a political force against those who dare to buck the establishment: especially Trump.

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