Lindsey Graham Warns Pelosi: ‘The Senate Will NOT Impeach President Trump’ READ MORE:

Lindsey Graham Warns Pelosi: ‘The Senate Will NOT Impeach President Trump’ READ MORE:

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has issued a warning to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that the Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump will not make it through the Senate.Speaking on «Fox & Friends» on Wednesday, Sen. Graham said he will alert Pelosi that the GOP-controlled Senate is «not going to impeach this president» over his phone call with the president of Ukraine.Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, warned that Democrats are “about to destroy the nation for no good reason.”“And I want Nancy Pelosi to know that Republican senators are not going to impeach this president based on this transcript so she can stop now before she destroys the country.”

The House could care less about fairness. [Rep. Adam] Schiff is not looking for the truth,” Graham continued.

lindsey graham warned the democrats are about to destroy the nation for no good reason


There should be a vote on impeachment,» Graham, an ally of the president, asserted.»You have to have a vote to make it legitimate, and at the end of the day, I am going to shed light on all things Ukraine.”

Graham says he’s enlisting other Senate Republicans to sign a letter he will send to Speaker Pelosi.GOP Senators will state that they “do not believe the transcript of the phone call between the president and the Ukraine is an impeachable offense.”

Pelosi finally caved to pressure from with her caucus by launching the impeachment inquiry in the Democrat-controlled House.

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The move was triggered by a «whistleblower» complaint claiming that Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter over allegations of corruption.On Tuesday, the White House pushed back, notifying Pelosi and other top Democrats that it would not cooperate with the “illegitimate and unconstitutional” impeachment inquiry.On Wednesday, President Trump called for the «whistleblower» to be «exposed and questioned properly» after reports emerged that the anonymous person behind the complaint has ties to a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

senate majority leader mitch mcconnell slammed democrats for attempting to overturn the results of an american election

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also blasted Democrats for trying to impeach the president.“Overturning the results of an American election requires the highest level of fairness and due process, as it strikes at the core of our democratic process,” McConnell said in a tweet on Tuesday.“So far, the House has fallen far short by failing to follow the same basic procedures that it has followed for every other President in our history.”Trump has defended his call to Zelensky, saying it was “perfect” and “appropriate.”Impeachment requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate, which Republicans control 53-47.

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