Liberal Mob Strong-Arms Rob Lowe, Forcing Him To Delete HILARIOUS Elizabeth Warren Tweet

Liberal Mob Strong-Arms Rob Lowe, Forcing Him To Delete HILARIOUS Elizabeth Warren Tweet

An errant celebrity has just learned a hard lesson on what happens when one deviates from the Trump hating Hollywood hive mind and it wasn’t pretty.

On Saturday, Democrat Elizabeth Warren officially launched her long-anticipated 2020 presidential campaign at a rally in Lawrence, Massachusetts amidst a background of overwhelming evidence that she has lied about her alleged Native American heritage for years to get a leg up on her academic and professional competition.

With even her hometown newspaper The Boston Globe publishing an editorial calling for “Pocahontas” to come clean about her claims to be an Indian, she enters what promises to be an ugly, no holds barred, eye-gouging scrum for the nomination with her credibility already in tatters.

Joined by liberal luminaries like Rep. Joe Kennedy III (talk about white privilege), Warren delivered to the enthusiastic crowd by largely staying away from identity politics and returning to the class warfare that the party of socialism has gone all-in on.

Even as Senator Warren whipped out shovels of bloody red meat with her rabble-rousing rhetoric, she was being mocked on Twitter with President Trump quick to fire off an opening salvo.

But it was celebrity Rob Lowe who really got the hackles of the socialists up with his own hysterical Twitter missive and a delightful jab mocking Warren who could become the “Commander in CHIEF.’”


Lowe quickly surrendered to the mob and deleted the offensive tweet although he will now forever be viewed with suspicion by the fanatics who take no prisoners in their war on Trump.

Actor Rob Lowe mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and her past claims of Native American ancestry on Saturday following her presidential campaign announcement.

In a tweet Saturday afternoon, the ‘West Wing’ actor joked that the senator’s candidacy would give new meaning to the title “Commander in Chief.”

“Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in ‘Chief,’” Lowe wrote.

He later deleted the post, saying it was a “joke.”

While Lowe blew it off as a joke, the left wasn’t laughing because humor is now officially dead thanks to the totalitarian speech police.

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