Judge Jeanine: Pelosi And Dems Just Guaranteed Trump Reelection In 2020

Judge Jeanine: Pelosi And Dems Just Guaranteed Trump Reelection In 2020

Judge Jeanine Pirro dropped her gavel on the Democrats and delivered the verdict that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff just «guaranteed» President Trump’s reelection next year.

During the «Opening Statement» monologue segment of Saturday’s «Justice With Judge Jeanine» the Fox News host unloaded on the dishonest, anti-democratic Dems in her own inimitable style.

Pirro blasted the «blatant political effort» of the partisan impeachment sham while methodically dismantling every aspect of the sham impeachment, the lack of an impeachable crime and the parade of haughty State Department employees marched out for the cameras.

It was a bravura performance by Judge Jeanine who continues to deliver the truth like an ice cold snowball to the head in these dark days of a major political party that has run roughshod over the law and is hellbent at destroying the nation’s institutions in order to regain power.


According to Judge Pirro

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

The printing presses have started, the assembly lines are warming up to manufacture more Trump hats, more Trump t-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, even dog leashes with Conan at the helm.

The Democrats have just hoisted themselves on their own petard, guaranteeing Donald Trump reelection in 2020”

Nancy Pelosi, wrapping herself in God, country and the American flag has called for the impeachment of the 45th president of the United States, unleashing her looney, leftist partisans in the most blatant political effort to impeach a duly elected president in history, who they have viciously attacked from day one.”

Judge Pirro was referring to Pelosi’s shocking response to a reporter who asked if she hated President Trump by invoking her religion to falsely claim that she was incapable of hating anybody.


She also rained down fiery condemnation of impeachment commissar Adam Schiff:

Mr. Pinocchio himself Adam Schiff and his band of puppeteers who know absolutely nothing about the Ukraine phone call testified first in a star chamber subbasement of Congress.

Now those who passed rehearsal get to come up and peddle their talking points in Congress where there was no defined scope of the inquiry, no ability to confront the accuser, no right to call witnesses, no rebuttal, no subpoena power, no right, in fact, to be present.

Now Democrats laugh and pooh-pooh complaints about lack of process but what makes America different from dictatorships is that everyone is cloaked in the presumption of innocence but in the world of Schiff, a lying, scheming, self-important, pathetic lunatic there are no such constitutional benefits.

Their job is simply to nullify the vote of 63 million Americans because they hate Donald Trump, they want power and they will do anything to get it.

Judge Jeanine also whacked the porcine Judiciary Committee boss Jerrold Nadler who as a New York City congressman with a decades-running battle with Trump has a chance to get even through impeachment.

Now when the puppet show moved to Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, Schiff’s so-called intelligence report peddled lie after lie after lie. And then they say, the facts are not contested.

I still don’t know what the president’s charged with.

Their accusations move at a whack-a-mole speed from Russia collusion to racism, now Ukraine.

Are you stupid? Or do you think we are?

Then when it came to Pelosi, Pirro brought out the heavy artillery and after playing a clip of the Speaker’s press conference meltdown, she pulled the trigger:

And their hate was on full display when Nancy Pelosi was asked this…

Don’t mess with me? And you’re not a hater? You lead the crow that believes a mother after giving birth should decide whether the baby should live or die. The crowd that wants to take prayer out of our schools, in God we trust out of our courtrooms and mangers and crosses out of towns and villages that have had them for decades.

Spare us your double talking, lying nonsense,

Nancy, you hate the president so much you are willing to sacrifice thirty one in Congress in those Trump-friendly districts. But such a sacrifice is minimal at the altar of power and influence that you seek.

America, Nancy is furious with you and your antics. This isn’t about the Constitution, democracy or our founding fathers. This is about a mob desperately seeking to overthrow the legitimate occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But you’re not entitled to that power. We purposely didn’t give you that power and you damn well better not try to steal it under your B.S. guise of protecting the Constitution.

You don’t give a damn about the Constitution!


Judge Jeanine is truly a national asset and once Trump clobbers the Democrat nominee next November she should be on the short list to replace the ailing RBG on the Supreme Court.

If you think that the lunatic left is triggered now, just wait.

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