Judge Jeanine Hammers ‘Monsignor’ Mueller For Colluding With The Democrats

Judge Jeanine Hammers ‘Monsignor’ Mueller For Colluding With The Democrats

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared on national television last Wednesday for a surprise media announcement, some were quick to smell a rat and one of them is Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Mueller’s suspiciously timed speech to the press gaggle took place while his boss Attorney General William Barr was far away from Washington on a trip to Alaska and also at a critical juncture in the Democrats’ relentless push to impeach President Trump because they can’t beat him in a fair election.

Many have suspected that Mueller has been in the bag for Democrats from the beginning of his costly and destructive witch hunt of an investigation and when his long-awaited report didn’t land with the desired impact, he and his team of partisan legal assassins fell short of the objective of getting Trump.

So Mueller himself swooped in to jumpstart the impeachment process and on Saturday’s edition of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” the Fox News host called B.S. in her own inimitable way by taking a flamethrower to the deep state dirty cop with an Opening Statement that was hotter than a blast furnace.

According to Judge Pirro, “Monsignor Mueller” has been colluding with the “Demon Rats” and his Wednesday press statement only confirms his complicity in the flagrant attack on the democratic process.

Still formulating an explanation as to why you didn’t reach a decision on obstruction?”

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