Joe Biden Is Close To Announcing 2020 Run, But ONE THING About Trump Has Him VERY Worried

Joe Biden Is Close To Announcing 2020 Run, But ONE THING About Trump Has Him VERY Worried

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he’s close to announcing a 2020 presidential run, but one thing about President Donald Trump has him very worried.

Biden’s chief strategist, Steve Ricchetti, told The New York Times on Thursday that Biden is “95 percent” committed to running, but one major thing is worrying him: President Donald Trump playing too rough in the general election.

Biden is reportedly hesitant for a number of reasons, but it appears his biggest concern is that Trump will not hesitate to exploit his personal life and the number of scandals following the former vice president.

“I don’t think he’s likely to stop at anything, whomever he runs against,” Biden told the Times last week, referring to Trump’s tough debate and campaign style.

Biden admitted that he is worried about putting his “family through what would be a very, very, very difficult campaign.”

Weirdly enough, the Times notes that the former vice president is also worried about Hunter Biden, his 49-year-old son who had a romantic relationship with his brother’s widow.

After Beau Biden died in May 2015 of brain cancer, Hunter, who was married to another woman at the time, apparently became romantically involved Hallie, Beau’s late wife.

Biden is apparently worried that Trump and his team will exploit this controversy if they face off in the general election.

So, Biden is worried that Trump’s campaign and debate style is too rough and will get ugly.

The former vice president is also concerned that Trump will go after his son, Hunter, and exploit that controversy to portray Biden’s character and parenting skills.

And, there’s also the fact that Biden ran for president in 1988 and 2008 — and was handily defeated both times in the Democratic primaries.

In other words, voters have had two opportunities to elect Biden as president and they did not do so.

All of this comes just days after CNN conducted a focus group and it was downright awful for Biden.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota interviewed six Democratic voters from Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania on Tuesday to discuss the 2020 presidential election.

When Camerota the panel if they want to see Biden run for president in 2020, no one raised their hand.

“What is happening?” Camerota asked after a few of the panelists snickered.

“We had the standard-bearer for the kind of pragmatic centrist candidate in Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Donald Trump is now president. He is not your average political candidate, so we really need to try to think outside the box because, you know, it seems like the dude is made of rubber. Anything you throw at him just bounces off, there’s nothing that sticks,” another added.

“I will be honest. He was riding the Obama wave and I thought he was a person that would unite the party, but to be honest, Sen. Biden really comes from kind of the good old boy politics of the past,” one Democratic voter said.

“I don’t think Joe Biden represents that new thing that we need. We need a new economy, we need new politics and we need someone different,” one panelist said.

Biden hasn’t even announced whether he will run for president or not, but it already seems like Democratic voters want someone more radical.

If he runs for a third time, Biden will officially attempt to be president more times than Hillary Clinton.

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