Joe Biden Babbles About Stacking Spaghetti Sauce During Iowa Speech

Joe Biden Babbles About Stacking Spaghetti Sauce During Iowa Speech

There he goes again! 2020 Dem frontrunner Joe Biden had another verbal misfire during a campaign stop that will serve to reinforce the growing perception that he is borderline senile.

The former vice president whose barnstorming «No Malarkey» bus tour of Iowa has been a highway to Hell was speaking to Teamsters on Saturday when his brain locked up.

During the address to the union members in Cedar Rapids, lunchbucket Joe drifted off and babbled about stacking spaghetti sauce then became tongue-tied after his train of thought was temporarily derailed.

Foggy Joe wandered off during the part of the speech where he was attempting to borrow some of Bernie Sanders’ class warfare shtick.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Of the Fortune 500 companies, over 350 make you sign an agreement. If you come to work for them you will never discuss the ways you make with another employee or you get penalized.

Why? Because you are doing the same job that he is doing and your getting less because you are a woman and they do not want anybody to know about it.

The third thing is last year alone 1.2 billion dollars in overtime was denied for hourly workers who were not unionized. $1.2 billion.

So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce in a store, in… in… in a supermarket.

You control the guy or the woman who runs the ruh…ruh…ruhs..brings out the carts on…on…on…on a forklift…


Just add this to the already impressive list of blunders by a guy who despite being younger than Comrade Bernie lacks the vigor and clarity of the curmudgeon from Vermont.

Speaking of Bernie’s home state, Biden drew guffaws back in August when he mixed up Vermont with its next-door neighbor New Hampshire while he was speaking in the latter.

As for Biden’s Iowa tour, it started off on the wrong foot when he bizarrely nibbled wife Dr. Jill’s finger during a No Malarkey kickoff in Council Bluffs…

Then took a turn toward nastiness when the ex-veep got into a confrontation with a voter who asked him a question about his scoundrel son Hunter’s job with a shady Ukraine energy company.

It was definitely not good optics for Biden who instead of shrugging off the question with a joke, became hostile and called the man a «damn liar» who was fat and challenged him to a push-up contest for good measure.

And now he’s wrapping things up in high style with his appeal to Teamsters who can’t be impressed after the stacking spaghetti sauce comments.

Even while he remains the frontrunner – thanks to the freak show that is the rest of the 2020 field– it is imperative for Biden’s presidential bid to achieve launch trajectory with a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses.

That will quiet the naysayers, keep the donors writing checks and keep Hillary Clinton on the bench but at this point, it isn’t looking good for the old warhorse as he painfully drags himself to the political glue factory as a result of his cringe-worthy campaign.

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