Jimmy Kimmel Refers To People Donating To Border Wall GoFundMe As ‘Dopey’ And ‘Meth’ Addicts

Jimmy Kimmel Refers To People Donating To Border Wall GoFundMe As ‘Dopey’ And ‘Meth’ Addicts

The raging contempt for ordinary Americans by the cultural elite has oozed out of television screens on a nightly basis thanks to the unfunny, activist “comics” who now dominate the late-night shows.These shows are no longer entertaining and primarily serve as propaganda outlets for an increasingly radical political left that has claimed Hollywood as their capital.

Leading the pack of foul-mouthed hosts is ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, who continues to set new lows.

In his latest move, he mocked the decent Americans who have now contributed to a GoFundMe campaign to contribute money to the border wall that is crucial to immigration control as well as national security.

The “We The People Will Build The Wall” drive that was launched two weeks ago by a paraplegic veteran and has since raised over $17 million in small donations has been a burr under the political left’s saddles because it underscores the support for the wall.Kimmel who has nearly single-handedly ruined late-night television with his liberal crusade and spewing of talking points directly from Chuck Schumer’s office mocked the patriotic Americans who have selflessly contributed as “dopey” and “meth addicts” in yet another new low.

The president might not need Mexico or Congress to pay for the wall at all, because there’s some very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves..”

“This Trump supporter, Brian Kolfage, started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion for the wall. He launched it on Sunday, it’s already up to almost $9 million. This is what people do with their disposable income when they don’t have loans from college to pay off.”

“Donating money for a wall that will never exist — it’s like starting a college fund for Harry Potter…”

“It’s a waste — a more useful thing to do with your money would be to go outside and feed it to a bird. But, you do have to admire the sacrifice they’re making — I mean, a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this.”

There is a reason why despite winning the popular vote (translation: California) that Hillary Clinton lost vast swaths of the nation in the 2016 election and the hate night TV hosts continue to provide a daily reminder of why Americans continue to support President Trump and conservative values which continue to be sneered at by those who live on the coasts and in heavily populated Democrat strongholds.

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There used to be a day when these shows were funny, non-partisan and thanks to giants like the great Johnny Carson, managed to get through some of the most tumultuous times in history like Vietnam and Watergate by not deliberately alienating half of their audience.

Some might say that Jimmy Kimmel is a man for these sick and hateful times and he seems to revel in his ability to use his nationally televised program to continue to divide the nation against itself.

Johnny Carson must be rolling in his grave.

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