Jim Carrey’s Newest Painting Of Donald Trump Features Homophobic Slur That Will Make Your Blood BOIL

Jim Carrey’s Newest Painting Of Donald Trump Features Homophobic Slur That Will Make Your Blood BOIL

One of the creepiest, most obsessive of all the Trump haters in Hollywood has struck again and his latest repulsive attack should have some questioning his sanity.Jim Carrey has done yet another of his weird paintings that show that the president is living rent-free in his head and like many of the celebs, it has a sick sexual connotation of the sort that is commonplace in Tinseltown.

In what is perhaps his most grotesque and overtly disgusting artwork yet, the tormented comic who hasn’t been funny in years channeled the left’s rampant homophobia into a vulgar picture that suggests that Trump would perform an obscene act on the devil himself.

In a weekend tweet that apparently is cool with the Silicon Valley censors at Twitter, Carrey posted “In no way do I mean to disparage the beautiful act of fellatio, whether straight or gay…I just wanna know if the devil makes Donald swallow

The man who became rich and famous for playing goofy characters from Fireman Bill to Ace Ventura Pet Detective to Dr. Seuss’s beloved Grinch has seen his career circling the drain and has taken refuge in churning out vile images of Trump and his family members that are prized by the same type of people who got off on Kathy Griffin’s infamous ISIS recruitment style photos of herself with a replica of Trump’s bloody severed head.

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Carrey’s descent into lunacy beings to mind the words of classic film star Lon Chaney that “there’s nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight” and those who are close to the Canadian born actor should seriously consider an intervention before he ends up harming himself or others.

It was only last week when Carrey tweeted out another psychedelic image that referred to the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump as his “loyal zombies” because they want to live in a country that actually enforces its immigration laws.

One has to wonder when Carrey is going to go Van Gogh and start slicing off his ears. Judging from his obscene weekend painting, it’s probably even money that something like that is coming.

Seriously, this dude is in need of help and this sort of stuff isn’t a laughing matter.

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