Illegal Aliens Are Now Suing The U.S. Government For MILLIONS Over Border Separations (Details)

Illegal Aliens Are Now Suing The U.S. Government For MILLIONS Over Border Separations (Details)

This is all because of Democrat rhetoric.

Their nonsense is working as emotion often wins out.

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From KTLA:

Three fathers who were separated from their young children when they tried to migrate to the US want millions of dollars in compensation from the US government for the toll the months of separation took on their families.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and law firm Covington & Burlington filed administrative claims Thursday seeking damages from the US government on behalf of three men who were separated from their children at the border. The separation caused lasting harm for the families, the advocacy group and law firm said in a news release.

The filings describe children who cry in the night, refuse to eat and are fearful of going out, and parents struggling with guilt and anxiety.


“Thousands of children, parents and entire families will suffer the rest of their lives as a result of this administration’s intentionally cruel family separations,” said Michelle Lapointe, senior supervising attorney at the SPLC.

The claims are seeking $3 million in compensation per person, or a total of $6 million per separated family, the SPLC told CNN. If the government does not respond to the claims within six months, the fathers can go on to sue the government in federal court.

Something has to be done and President Trump is the right man to have in office at this particular juncture in American history.

Illegal immigration has reached its breaking point.

Here’s what may be happening very soon…

From MyFox8:

The Trump administration is planning to expand a procedure to speed up deportations to include undocumented immigrants anywhere in the US who cannot prove they’ve lived in the US continuously for two years or more.

The change casts a wider net of undocumented immigrants subject to the fast-track deportation procedure known as “expedited removal,” which allows immigration authorities to remove an individual without a hearing before an immigration judge.

In doing so, the administration would be provided greater latitude in quickly deporting undocumented immigrants.

Previously, undocumented immigrants who were caught within 100 miles of a land border and within 14 days of arrival were subject to the procedure.

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Trump was absolutely right, and well within his power, to declare a national emergency at the southern border.

Democrats don’t care who (or what) floods into America. They know that illegals are more likely than not to side with them.

That’s what the promise of free stuff will do.

Now, 400 illegals have been arrested in El Paso, Texas in just five minutes.

LOOK:In the last 30 days, the U.S. Border Patrol El Paso Sector is averaging 570 apprehensions a day, with 90 percent of those being in the El Paso Metropolitan Area. These numbers continue to stretch the resources available to the U.S. Border Patrol to deal with this influx and the challenges that come with it.

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