HYPOCRISY ALERT: Kamala Admits She Owns The Exact Thing She Wants To BAN Many Americans From Owning

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Kamala Admits She Owns The Exact Thing She Wants To BAN Many Americans From Owning

Beware, folks — here comes a hypocrisy alert!

It comes to you courtesy of the queen of hypocrisy, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris.

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris said on Thursday that she owns a gun “for personal safety,” and that “smart gun safety laws” need not infringe on the Second Amendment.

Are there any actual gun owners that believe this woman? The woman who “has never met a gun control proposal she doesn’t support?” What a joke!

She even made gun control one of her most important priorities, as evidenced by the following tweet:


My guess is that the liberals are finally realizing that they’re losing, and are starting to try to be more relevant to actual Americans. But shouldn’t people be able to see right through the deceit?

Kamala now even trying to convince native Iowans that all those mean, gun-toting conservatives have sold them on a “false choice.”

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris says she owns a gun and called it a “false choice” that the only two gun control options are complete, unrestricted access or a desire to seize everyone’s guns.

The senator from California told reporters after a campaign event in Iowa that she is a gun owner. She says, “I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do: for personal safety.”

The 2020 White House hopeful says that Americans “are being offered a false choice, which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.”

History would beg to differ with you, Ms. Harris. That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment, to be protected from politicians like YOU.

Just look at the facts: She’s already been a leader in banning assault rifles, and data tells us that the real threat, 80% of gun murders, comes from handguns.

So tell us, Kamala, are you coming for our handguns next? Because as far as I can tell, that would be the next logical step in your derangement.

Assault rifles account for less than 20% of gun homicides, so this logically concludes that you are coming for handguns next.

So is Kamala really in support of the 2nd Amendment, or is she not? There really is no other option, or “false choice” as she tried to sell it.  And I’m pretty sure that she’s not done putting her politics all over our freedom.

The lengths that she will go to try to fool people into believing her lies is ludicrous. It’s almost legendary. In an attempt to achieve ethos, she even claimed to be a “good marksman.”

As reported by Refinery29:

At Politico’s Politicon convention, she described herself as “a good marksman” and said she has shot a gun “many times,” all while calling out the lack of gun control reform in America. This conversation came after a week of school shootings in Oregon, Texas, and Arizona.

It’s not surprising that her rhetoric changes according to the ebb and flow current events.

The question is, what comes next and how will she pounce on it to further her gun control platform promise?

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