House Dems Move Goalposts, Eyeing Rule Change To Indict Sitting Presidents

House Dems Move Goalposts, Eyeing Rule Change To Indict Sitting Presidents

The implosion of the Mueller report has House Democrats scurrying around like dazed ants who just had their hill stomped on.

For two solid years, Democrats, their winged monkeys in the media and their celebrity shills all promised Americans that special counsel would be the one who would deliver the “evidence” that President Trump colluded with the Kremlin to cheat Hillary out of the presidency and that he and his family would be frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs when their avenger delivered.

Only Mueller failed to deliver. The highly-anticipated results of a costly, sweeping witch hunt not only failed to turn up Trump’s being a puppet of Vladimir Putin but much to the dismay of the lynch mob, it cleared him.

So the poor wretched souls who hyped a conspiracy theory 24/7 were busted back to zero and the Democrat-controlled House has been busily putting together their own investigations to give themselves a “do-over” while pouring through the pages of Mueller’s report for hidden messages.

The latest and most pathetic effort to polish the turd that Bob Mueller dropped in their laps is yet another shifting of the goalposts to change the rules so they can get Trump and spare the party another humiliating loss next November.

According to reports, House Dems are quietly looking for a way to eliminate restrictions on the indictment of a sitting president.


House Democrats are weighing legislation to scrap the executive guideline that bars the Justice Department from indicting a sitting president.

The informal rule is decades old but has come under heavy new scrutiny since Robert Mueller cited it explicitly as the reason he declined to recommend — or even consider — bringing obstruction charges against President Trump during the course of his 22-month investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

In response to the special counsel’s report, Democrats are piecing together a package of legislation focused largely on shielding elections from foreign influence, including proposals to bar candidates from accepting foreign help of any kind, while making it mandatory that campaigns alert the FBI when such offers are extended.

But some lawmakers want to press further, eying legislation to nullify the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) long-standing determination that presidents cannot be charged with federal crimes while they remain in office.

he scheming and conniving is being led by Dem Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, another embittered member of the Congressional Black Caucus that has waged total war on Trump ever since his election and who by all appearance are outraged that Barack Obama was term-limited by the Constitution.

More from the Hill:

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, is also signaling his support. While he has not been involved in talks about specific proposals, Jeffries said, “It strikes me as a reasonable thing to consider.”

“It’s fair to say that one of the options we should consider is revisiting that Department of Justice rule so you don’t have a rogue and lawless president immunized from criminal prosecution,” he said.

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Jeffries has a history of making inflammatory racist comments against the president including calling Trump the “Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” which he then refused to apologize for.

Democrats have little chance of getting such legislation passed. While it will surely sail through the House, it is likely doomed in the Republican-controlled Senate and would certainly be vetoed by President Trump if it did end up on his desk.

Dems will likely try to stuff it into a larger bill and hope that it goes unnoticed but such a move is another sign of desperation over their continuing inability to get anything to stick to Trump and their House majority already in jeopardy when voters turn out in much greater numbers than they typically do during a midterm election.

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