Holy Hell; Judge Jeanine Rips ‘Prince Of Darkness’ Jim Comey

Holy Hell; Judge Jeanine Rips ‘Prince Of Darkness’ Jim Comey

Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered yet another fire and brimstone condemnation of the enemies in our midst during the “Opening Statement” segment of her popular Fox News show.

On Saturday’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine” the patriotic host dropped the gavel squarely on the heads of power-mad House Democrats as well as took aim at one of her favorite targets in sanctimonious former FBI director James Comey.

Pirro savaged leading Democrats for their unprecedented abuses of power that have been evident in a myriad of investigations into President Trump and his family, a blizzard of subpoenas, the smearing of Attorney General William Barr for contempt and the suggestions that they would start throwing those who defy them into jail.

Last night, the judge was in rare form with her blistering broadside against the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, “Fat Jerry” Nadler and the rest of the House Dems who in only a few short months, have turned the House into something vulgar and un-American that has more in common with the old Soviet Union during the Joseph Stalin days than anything in this nation’s long and glorious history.

She also didn’t spare Comey who has been on a public relations tour defending his handling of the FBI’s political surveillance on the Trump campaign and role in the failed coup to reverse the 2016 election.

Pirro lit up the tall man who she tabbed as the “prince of darkness” as well as a “master of deceit” who was behind the plot against Trump.

They’ve stolen the House, the people’s House. That hallowed chamber our forefathers created to represent the people as well as be closest to the people. They hijacked it to maintain power for themselves. They don’t work for or represent you. These radicals who have forfeited their job representing you, continue to resist, create havoc and claim Constitutional crisis.

“Most important, start gearing up for 2020. We need a House of Representatives that represents the people in this great nation. The people who want to remake America and maintain their own power. God help us and God help us if we elect these same people and they stay in control of our country.”


The only constitutional crisis is the one created by Obama administration officials of a false Russia collusion spun by the master of deceit himself; Jim Comey, the disgraced former head of the FBI.

We find out this week the FBI was on full notice that the Steele dossier was fake even before they brought it to a FISA judge and used it as the sole basis is to spy on the Trump campaign.

That prince of darkness himself Comey knew all along that the dossier was a fraud, even admitting to the president in January 2017 it was unverified. Yet this subversive used it to spy on the man that he in his piety felt, didn’t deserve to occupy the oval office.

Comey has the Clinton clan chutzpah of saying this week “we don’t spy, we investigate”

Judge Jeanine continues to bedevil the radicalized left who tried but failed to have her permanently taken off of the air over a ginned-up controversy involving anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar.

The Fox honchos caved to an intense social media pressure campaign and temporarily pulled Pirro’s show but were unable to close the deal much to their dismay.

Nobody can bring it like Pirro and her show will be must-see TV on the day when Comey does the perp walk.

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