Hillary Supported Border Barrier To Keep Illegals Out, But Dems Call Trump Racist For The Same Thing

Hillary Supported Border Barrier To Keep Illegals Out, But Dems Call Trump Racist For The Same Thing

Let’s take a moment to flashback to the years when former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton was all about securing the American border, keeping out the illegal immigrants, and making sure that border security was a top priority for Democrats.Along comes the election of 2016 where Clinton and the Democrats lose to Donald Trump, who ran a campaign based on border security and building a big, beautiful wall to protect the American border and reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming in or out of America.

Now-President Trump ran his campaign on Democratic speaking points that Hillary herself once lived by. Her husband and former President Bill Clinton was strong on immigration and so was former President Barack Obama who earned the nickname “Deporter in Chief.”

Trump’s campaign was basically the same thing that Democrats were pushing for years, but when he won the election and became president, the Democratic Party in America decided that border security and preventing illegal immigration became racist and laced with bigotry.

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To rub salt in the wounds of Republicans who continuously deal with being labeled as racist or bigots, there’s this gem of a flashback video where Hillary Clinton is essentially bragging about supporting a strong border barrier.

What’s the difference between a fence, a barrier, or a wall if it serves the same purpose which is to reduce the number of illegal immigrants from gallivanting directly over the border

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There is no difference other than it was acceptable when their people wanted strong borders. Now that Republicans want strong borders too, it’s all of a sudden racist.

The hypocritical double standard is absolutely mind blowing and it’s hard to believe that Democrats are not aware of this.

Are Democrats aware of how ridiculous they sound when they call Trump racist for wanting the border wall, deporting people, or even detaining abandoned foreign children whose parents still haven’t picked them up yet?

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The increasing amount of double standards between right and left political groups needs to be addressed because there’s a major problem when Democrats say Trump is racist, but then won’t condone their precious Clinton for saying and wanting the same thing.

Democrats were in power for eight years while Barack Obama was in power. He had no problem deporting people, but what stopped him from building a wall himself? Some portions of the border already have fences or barriers, but people cut the fences or jump over them.

Why not reinforce it so people can’t get through?

When will the “RESIST” group realize that Trump is actually saying the same thing that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said when it comes to border security?

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