Hillary Goes On BITTER Rant Against Trump, Says Peace With North Korea Is ‘Lipstick On A Pig’

Hillary Goes On BITTER Rant Against Trump, Says Peace With North Korea Is ‘Lipstick On A Pig’

While President Donald Trump spent the week in Vietnam trying to reach a peace deal with North Korea, Hillary Clinton went on a bitter rant trying to attack the president.

During an interview with Tina Brown in a podcast episode, Clinton claimed she didn’t believe Trump could negotiate for North Korean denuclearization and claimed that achieving peace would be like putting “lipstick on a pig.”

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“I have serious doubts that whatever [Trump] claims will be actually achieved,” the twice failed presidential candidate said.

Clinton went on to say that Trump’s vision of complete denuclearization is a “fantasy” and suggested the president only wanted the U.S.-North Korea summit so that he could get more media attention.

“All the intelligence, which Trump dismisses, suggests that it’s unlikely but not impossible that Kim Jong Un will give up his nuclear weapons capacity,” she said.

I don’t see a deal there that is a verifiable, enforceable deal,” Clinton argued, adding, “I don’t know what Trump will claim.”

“So if he can put lipstick on a pig and he can say ‘OK, this is what we’re going to do with North Korea’ and he keeps saying it over and over again and Fox News says it over and over again and other outlets say it over and over again, and the so-called mainstream media does their both sides-ism … he wins the news cycle. And that’s really what he lives for,” she concluded.

Clinton also argued that she didn’t know who Trump was actually working for, again claiming — without any evidence — that he could be compromised by Russia.

“I don’t know whose national security interests Trump is either pursuing or will actually try to defend,” she alleged.

She clearly sounds like a person still bitter over her 2016 election loss.

But more importantly, the world would not be in this position had former President Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, not agreed in the 1990s to give North Korea a nuclear reactor.

One could make a strong argument that had Clinton not given North Korea the capabilities to create nuclear weapons, the world would not be dealing with this problem today.

Beyond Clinton’s bitterness, Trump exercised the “Art of the Deal” in full force during his second historic peace summit in Vietnam.

The two leaders went to Vietnam hoping a deal would be made, but Trump walked away from a bad deal after the two sides failed to see eye to eye on a few issues.

“It was about the sanctions,” Trump said.

“Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn’t do that,” Trump added.

The best news of all that came from this summit was that Kim publicly declared he was open to denuclearization.

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