Here’s The Big Name “HIT LIST” That Have Received Lawsuit Letters From Covington Lawyer

Here’s The Big Name “HIT LIST” That Have Received Lawsuit Letters From Covington Lawyer

Celebrities and media organizations that ran with the fake news story that Covington Catholic High School students had racially harassed an elderly Native American at the March For Life earlier this month should start lawyering up.

Thanks to the rush to exploit an out-of-context video of the Kentucky teens in order to spin it as a vile racist smear campaign against supporters of President Trump and their red MAGA hats, the teens and their families were attacked by the social media hate mob that doxed them and then called for violence against Nicholas Sandmann, his fellow students, their families and even the school itself.

he story quickly began to deteriorate once a more complete video emerges showing that activist troublemaker Nathan Phillips was the instigator and that the kids were targeted by the filthy, racist and homophobic slurs of a group of black identity extremists who egged demonstrators on.

Some in the media rushed to apologize for their emotional response but far more didn’t and could serve as the first group of irresponsible tweeters and “reporters” who will finally be held accountable for the damage that their violent rhetoric and lies have brought upon innocent Americans.

As previously reported, Sandmann’s family retained the services of a high-powered attorney with a long history of high-profile slander and libel cases and L. Lin Wood and his associates put the antagonists on notice that they were going to be sued as a result of their slander.

Now, in a delightful bit of news, the first letters have gone out to a long list of those whose dishonesty and callous disregard for the safety of young Sandmann and his fellow teens that they had better be prepared to start shelling out some of their money in order to retain defense attorneys.

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