HERE WE GO: Obama Heads To Germany For Private Meeting With Chancellor Angela Merkel [Details]

HERE WE GO: Obama Heads To Germany For Private Meeting With Chancellor Angela Merkel [Details]

Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have one big thing in common.

They both love allowing more and more migrants into their countries.

On Friday, 44 went to Germany for a private meeting with Merkel.

Why? Who knows?

But this doesn’t do anything to silence the notion of a “shadow government.”

For example, remember not long ago when former SecState John Kerry went to Iran in an attempt to keep the nuclear deal intact?

From WRAL:

Chancellor Angela Merkel has received former U.S. President Barack Obama at her office in Berlin for a meeting characterized by German officials as a routine private encounter with a former international peer.

Obama could be seen waving as he left the chancellery alongside Merkel Friday. Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said she has met repeatedly with ex-heads of state and government “with whom she worked together closely and well for a time.”

Obama also gave a speech on behalf of his “non-partisan” foundation:

“I’m not here to support any political party. I’ve held my last political office. The Obama Foundation is non-partisan. Michelle would leave me if I ever ran for office again.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) is demanding an investigation into the Obama administration, and it has everything to do with alleged “Russia collusion.”

Rand notes in a tweet, “This could be WORSE than Watergate!”
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Here are the details…

From Washington Examiner:

Sen. Rand Paul escalated his demand for an investigation into former Obama officials who “concocted” the anti-Trump Russia scandal, revealing that former CIA Director John Brennan was the key figure who legitimized the charges and discredited “dossier” against the president.

In an interview, the Kentucky Republican said the Senate Judiciary Committee should immediately ask Brennan about his involvement in the document that helped to kick off the Russia collusion investigation of President Trump.

“I think we need to find the truth,” he told Washington Secrets. He said the goal would be to stop similar faulty investigations into future administrations, “Democratic or Republican.”

In a tweet, he said that he heard from a high level source that Brennan helped to validate the “dossier” in intelligence reports.

Paul tweeted:

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BREAKING: A high-level source tells me it was Brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake Steele dossier be included in the Intelligence Report… Brennan should be asked to testify under oath in Congress ASAP.


Time to investigate high ranking Obama government officials who might have colluded to prevent the election of @realDonaldTrump! This could be WORSE than Watergate!

The thing is, his administration was the least transparent in American history. Therefore, Paul and others need to do everything possible to get to the bottom of it all.

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