HERE WE GO: Kamala Says She Inhaled Marijuana, Advocates For Legalization; ‘We Need More Joy’

HERE WE GO: Kamala Says She Inhaled Marijuana, Advocates For Legalization; ‘We Need More Joy’

Sen. Kamala Harris admitted on Monday that she previously inhaled marijuana and then advocated for legalizing it at the national level.
During an interview on The Breakfast Club radio show, the California Democrat was asked by host Charlamagne Tha God about her stance on legalizing the drug.

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“They say you oppose legalizing weed,” Charlamagne said.

“That’s not true. And look, I joke about it, half-joke about it. Half my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” Harris responded.

Harris was then asked if she had ever tried the drug.
“I have. And I inhaled,” she said, an apparent reference to previous comments made by former President Bill Clinton in 1992 when he was asked about smoking marijuana.

Harris admitted that she smoked a joint “a long time ago” and then offered a weird endorsement of it.

“I think that it gives a lot of people joy,” Harris said. “And we need more joy.”


Harris announced last month that she’s running for president and seeking the Democratic nomination.

Since then, Harris has endorsed numerous radical positions.

During a townhall Monday night on CNN, Sen. Kamala Harris advocated for wiping out the private insurance markets in favor the newest socialist fad taking the nation by storm.

The California Democrat said she feels “very strongly” about fully embracing “Medicare for All,” a single-payer health insurance system, which would dramatically overhaul the entire American health care market.

“We need to have Medicare for all,” Harris said to CNN anchor and host Jake Tapper.

Harris went on to argue that healthcare should “should be understood to be a right.”

“It is inhumane to make people go through a system where they cannot literally receive the benefit of what medical science can offer because some insurance company has decided it doesn’t meet their bottom line in terms of their profit motivation. That is inhumane,” Harris said.

Tapper pushed Harris to expand on what a Medicare for All system means for the Americans who like their current insurance plan.

“Listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don’t have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require — who of us has not had that situation where you’ve gotta wait for approval? And the doctor says ‘well, I don’t know if your insurance company’s gonna cover this?” Harris asked.

“Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on,” she said with a big smile.

Her plans include socialist healthcare, legalizing marijuana at the federal level, and essentially promising “free” goodies for everyone.

The media will quickly circle the wagons to minimize the controversy surrounding her positions, but these will undoubtedly haunt her for the duration of her campaign.

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