HERE THEY COME: Small Border Town Gets Ready For Migrant Caravan

HERE THEY COME: Small Border Town Gets Ready For Migrant Caravan

Here they come again.

A small town named Eagle Pass in Texas is the latest town to be faced with the new trend of migrant caravans.

Hundreds of extra military and law enforcement personnel have been called out to Eagle Pass to get ready to defend the border when the caravan shows up.

I the caravan were to get through into America, the results would be detrimental for the small town of Eagle Pass.

But Eagle Pass, with a population of around 30,000, has a smaller port of entry, with two international bridges and the capacity to handle only 16 to 20 asylum claims per day.

So the news of 1,800 migrants, mostly from Honduras, arriving across the river in Piedras Negras, Mexico, on Feb. 4 has resulted in an unprecedented show of force along the U.S. side of the Rio Grande.

Local Border Patrol agents have been augmented with additional agents from nearby stations; the Texas Department of Public Safety has sent troops; the Texas National Guard has entered the fray; and the local police and sheriff’s departments are involved.

While Democrats are pushing for open borders, towns like Eagle Pass are fearing for their livelihood because the impact of illegal aliens in their towns would completely ruin their way of life.

Democrats seem to care more about illegal intruders than the well-being of American citizens.

Check out what else The Epoch Times had to say.

The old factory where the migrants are staying is more than three miles from the Eagle Pass port of entry and two miles from the closest part of the Rio Grande, making it seem unlikely that the group will be able to rush the border en masse, at least without transport assistance.

The camp is surrounded by Mexican military and federal police, so anywhere the migrants go would have to be condoned by Mexican authorities.

However, time will eventually run out. Mexico gave the migrants 30 days to transit through the country or apply for asylum in Mexico. With the Eagle Pass processing capability, it would take at least three months to clear all 1,800 migrants.

With the clock ticking down, it’s only a matter of time before the migrants decide to rush the border.

These migrants aren’t the only problem. According to Louie Wayne Collins, the division chief of operations for the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector, the amount of illegal crossings has doubled in the area during the last two weeks of January.

“And from that point, at the beginning of this migrant crisis earlier in the week, that doubled again,” he said. “[However], it has dropped off significantly since we have put our forces out here.”

In the Del Rio sector, the number of family units and unaccompanied minors who were apprehended by Border Patrol after crossing the border illegally has increased by 364 percent and 66 percent, respectively, when comparing the first four months of the fiscal year, year-over-year.

Thankfully, we have a President who is willing to send out extra forces to our borders to protect the American homeland.

Times like these just remind us of how important it is to have good border security and how thankful we must be for our brave border patrol and law enforcement officers.

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