GOOD GRIEF: Liberal Magazine Claims That Fox News Is ‘Destroying’ Families

GOOD GRIEF: Liberal Magazine Claims That Fox News Is ‘Destroying’ Families

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend how a person can be so liberally deranged that they cannot stand to even be in the presence of a conservative.

Their rage is so great, in fact, that it results in the destruction of their family.

Such is the state of affairs with the Leftists these days who are not only isolating from their conservative loved ones, but even blaming the purposeful segregation on FOX NEWS.

You heard me right.

As reported by Red State:

Monday, New York Magazine ran a piece on “people whose loved ones were transformed by Fox News.” Yes, these poor unfortunate souls were lost to right-wing cable news, and now the families are forever destroyed. The best part? The magazine ran this in their “Intelligencer” column. Let me tell you, there is no intelligence in sight. Perhaps most notable, however, is the lack of self-awareness.

Lack of self-awareness is right! At first, the article in New York Magazine makes it seem as though the fault lies with the conservative family members:

No matter where the stories came from they all featured a few familiar beats: A loved one seemed to have changed over time. Maybe that person was already somewhat conservative to start. Maybe they were apolitical. But at one point or another, they sat down in front of Fox News, found some kind of deep, addictive comfort in the anger and paranoia, and became a different person — someone difficult, if not impossible, to spend time with. The fallout led to failed marriages and estranged parental relationships.

Okay, so it seems at first like the fault lies with the evil and sinister Fox News.

That’s where the problem lies! Or is it? Let’s analyze an interesting tidbit from the article:

I heard from more than a hundred people who felt like they could relate to what they all seemed to think of as a kind of ideological brain poisoning. They chose Fox News over their family, people told me. They chose Fox News over me.

Hmm. “They chose Fox News over me.” It’s starting to sound like it has nothing to do with truth or facts, but something altogether snowflaky-feely.

And is the problem really with the people who have been won over by Fox News, or is the problem really with the snowflake who can’t handle it?

Let’s look at some clips from the author’s original newsletter that was the genesis of the article in New York Magazine.

As such my mom and I have agreed to not talk about politics anymore because I always werewolf into the type of pedant who turns Christmas into the 25th of Shit but sometimes she’ll say something she thinks is safe and innocuous and my bullet time poster brain will slow down and see intuitively it’s some Fox News-inspired talking point and so it makes me not want to talk about anything to avoid any sort of disagreement and then I keep it all inside which is a condition known as being Massachusetts Irish trash which is what we are.

So this person is admitting that they can’t talk about politics anymore; not because there aren’t facts on the other side, but because they “always werewolf.”

Sounds angry, doesn’t it? But there are so many more clips that show this same type of behavior:

It has destroyed my ability to trust them and go to them for advice and help, and in doing so, taken out most of the central columns in the essential parent-child dynamic. It makes me angry every day.

I don’t know what to do with all this anger and shame except to try to reflect it back with the Archimedes laser of my iron will to be a total c*nt 24/7.

Rupert Murdoch ruined my family and my country. If a genie gave me wishes I would hope his private plane crashes into the sea and every single person that works for Fox News gets trapped in the building and burns alive.

I really hope none of that violence happens, as this would probably be evidence in a court of law.

But physical violence aside, there’s plenty of verbal violence displayed, too:

I met my mom for dinner last night. Somehow it ends up on politics and yeah, my mom’s now a big racist, shaking in her boots at the word “socialism.” We also agreed to the no politics thing, but she’s a big time Facebooker. Inevitably she’ll say something dumb from a meme or some shit and I’ll just have to go off again.

Can you believe that? Believing that the world will be a better place when grandpa dies?! What these stereotypical youngsters don’t realize is that one day they will be older and wiser, too.

After age 24, their brain will be fully developed and they won’t be as susceptible to the lies and propaganda of the left.

Although New York Magazine may be pushing the narrative that the fault lies with Fox News for separating families, it sure seems as though the evidence is clear that the issue lies on the other side of the aisle.

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