Get your hair braided and feel like a riot grrrl…

Get your hair braided and feel like a riot grrrl…

I’ve had hair extensions and had it braided. I can now whip it back and forth, and it feels fantastic. I haven’t had ‘whippable’ hair since I was a teenager, when I religiously got braids because I thought they made me look older, which meant I could get into nightclubs. I loved getting it done this time round even more.

There is something poignant and special about the craft and versatility of Afro hair. I’ve talked about it before – my awe for those who understand it, style it, nurture it. And watching Taiba, CEO of Keash – a wicked pop-up braid and blow-dry salon in Soho’s famous Wah Nails ( – part my own hair at the scalp and intricately start a chunky plait was gloriously nostalgic. By the end, I had a shoulder-length bob. I felt like a braided riot grrrl.

Keash is amazing fun if you can pop in there, perhaps to have a few temporary glitter strands added to your barnet (which made the girl next to me, who was getting it done, positively giddy) and if you can’t, I highly recommend their book.

Braid It! (Hardie Grant, £9.99) is available for £8.79 at guardian

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