George Conway blasts Trump: We could use a Reagan in the White House

George Conway blasts Trump: We could use a Reagan in the White House

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, slammed President Trump in a series of tweets on Thursday, negatively comparing him to President Ronald Reagan.

The criticisms came as Trump took part in ceremonies to honor the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing in Normandy. President Reagan made a famed speech in France on the 40th anniversary of the landing.


Conway’s tweets negatively comparing Trump to Reagan came after he got into a Twitter fight Thursday with Jeffrey Lord, the former CNN pundit and staunch Trump advocate.

Lord criticized a Conway tweet that accused Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel of saying that the anniversary of D-Day was for celebrating Trump. He said this was an example of how the GOP has become a personality cult for Trump.

Wow. So you believe the President of the United States celebrating the courage of all those Americans who literally gave their lives to save the world is a personality cult. Apparently you hated Reagan as well for doing the same. Got it,” Lord tweeted.

Conway, who frequently gets attention with diatribes on Twitter against his wife’s boss, responded in a fiery thread of more than a dozen tweets.

The tweet referenced Trump’s attacks on the late Sen. John McCain and accused Trump of dodging the draft during the Vietnam War, of cozying up to dictators and of obstructing the law.

“.@realJeffreyLord, can you read and hear?  @GOPChairwoman said—quote—“this is the time where we should be celebrating our President,” and she was referring to the D-Day anniversary. Celebrating Donald J. Trump is not what that anniversary is about. And about Reagan …”

“Reagan never attacked deceased war heroes… Reagan never dodged the draft… Reagan never lionized ruthless dictators, let alone fell ‘in love’ with one… Reagan never tried to obstruct a lawful counterintelligence or law-enforcement investigation… Reagan never paid off a porn star… Reagan never made the presidency about himself,” Conway continued.

Conway lauded Reagan for his “dignity” and his efforts to “be the president of all the people, even though not all the people wanted him to be their president.”

“Reagan wasn’t perfect — no president is — but he earned the grudging respect (and later even the votes) of many who did not originally support him, because he put his country before himself and tried to reason with, not viciously malign, those who disagreed with him… Reagan was a decent and honorable man…. We could use a decent and honorable person in the presidency today.”

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