Following Multi-Million Dollar Super Bowl Ad, WAPO Publishes Spirited Defense Of Socialism

Following Multi-Million Dollar Super Bowl Ad, WAPO Publishes Spirited Defense Of Socialism

President Trump rattled some cages on Tuesday night during his magnificent State Of The Union address and his declaration that “America will never be a socialist country” and the political left is pushing back.

With their embrace of the dangerous ideas of a system that has historically brought death, misery, and repression to every society in which it was implemented, the Democrats have broken with not only reality but with the very principles upon which this great country has been based for the entirety of its existence.

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This is nowhere more evident than the speed with which a woman who was tending bar a year ago is now arguably the most powerful member of Congress and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is preparing to roll out the details on the “Green New Deal” which is a Trojan horse for the imposition of those same failed socialist ideas.

So it was a bit surprising as well as hypocritical for the once-venerable Washington Post to counter Trump’s denunciation of socialism with a column extolling its virtues only days after sinking millions of dollars into one of the most shameless Super Bowl ads ever but that is exactly what Pravda on the Potomac di

On the off-chance that a dangerous ideology cannot be banished with sufficiently vigorous chants of “USA! USA!,” Republicans are amping up their warnings that socialism is here and ready to put its heavy boot on our necks. The fact that they’re pushing this line is not surprising, given that the Democratic Party is indeed moving left and embracing policy solutions with stronger government components than what is currently in place on issues such as health care.

After hearing that for so long, a lot of young people in particular seem to have concluded that “socialism” means little more than “policies that are more liberal than the Republican Party would prefer.” In other words, they’ve accepted the Republican view of what socialism is.

…when they hear the word “socialist,” Americans are more likely to think of Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro. In other words, someone who admires the social democratic systems they have in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, and would like to see something similar here: a capitalist economy, but one that isn’t structured so much to benefit the wealthiest elite and includes a stronger system of social supports. Which isn’t nearly as terrifying.

If Trump decides to run against socialism in 2020, he’ll be repeating what Republicans did over the past few decades, except condensed into the space of a year or so. The policies he’ll be describing as socialist, such as higher taxes for the wealthy and giving more people health coverage, already have wide support, and with his own low approval ratings he’s unlikely to persuade people to change their views on those policies. Instead of destroying the Democratic nominee by pinning on her a label that everyone agrees is horrific, he’s much more likely to make socialism more popular than ever.

Which is why actual socialists — or democratic socialists, who are almost certainly far greater in number in the United States right now than the pure variety — should be more than happy to see Trump wage a war on socialism. It’s the best advertisement they can get.

The WaPo has been so reflexively anti-Trump that the editors green-lighted this ridiculous piece despite being blasted over squandering money that could have better been distributed to its own employees – who have faced cutbacks – in order to squander it on a multi-million dollar Super Bowl spot that was narrated by sanctimonious Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

The establishment’s hatred of Trump has blinded them to the realities of socialism which is likely seen as an opportunistic appeal to millennials with no serious thought given to the consequences of what will happen it is embraced by a hundred million people.

And will they ever be surprised when they too are on the receiving end of the pitchforks.

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